‘Good man’ fails at latest attempt

‘Good man’ fails at latest attempt
‘Good man’, who posted seditious messages on two blogs last week, is unrepentant.

On Sunday, he attempted to post another message on petertan.com/blog. The message was similar to the one sent to Mack Zulkifli’s blog on Friday.

Peter Tan, who spotted the malicious message at 1.07pm terminated it before it was posted for public viewing.

“The comment was malicious, so I had to remove it.”

Tan also said he would leave the matter to the police to investigate.

Meanwhile, Mack Zulkifli, whose real name is Ameer Zulkifli, was called to the Subang Jaya police district headquarters yesterday to give his statement.

Ameer said: “I have given all the details to the police and they have informed me the case will be handled by the Selangor police headquarters in Shah Alam.”

The Malay Mail had reported earlier that Tan’s and Ameer’s weblogs are among the blogs which had been randomly picked by “good man” to post his seditious and malicious messages.

On Sept 11, Tan, 39, who is araplegic, received the malicious message from ‘good man’.

He was away attending a seminar when the message was posted on his blog.

“I did not have the access to the Internet during the seminar and could not screen the incoming messages in my blog,” he said.

Ameer said ‘good man’ has been active for the past two months.

“The messages ‘good man’ sent to me were insulting,” he said.

Ameer, 34, a management consultancy senior engagement director from Subang Jaya, who started his weblog last year, hoped the police can apprehend ‘good man’.

Both bloggers have kept the seditious messages as evidence.

The online version is here.

Author: Peter Tan

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