CNY Reunion 2003

From near and far they return, to ask for forgiveness and blessings from the elders. Around the dining table, they exchange humour, and are thankful for being able to spend this auspicious time together as a family; enjoying a hearty meal of home cooked dishes, pork, poultry and simmering soups. Chinese New Year eve is the time of family reunion dinners.

Today, my neighbour from Level 10, Soon Leong and his charming wife, invited Mum and me to their apartment for the Chinese New Year reunion lunch. They also invited Mr. Tan, another neighbour from Level 9. It was such a coincidence that all of us are from the Tan clan. The food was plentiful and scrumptious. We couldn’t ask for better neighbours.

CNY And Mid-Life Crisis

Chinese New Year is just three days away. Somehow, the excitement I had as a kid anticipating this occasion has dwindled over the years. I guess I have become more complacent with age. Experience has numbed me to the thrill of heralding in another season. Each celebration is a stark reminder that I have added another ring to the trunk. Each new spring intimates that I have one year less to accomplish what I have yet to attain. Festivals do this to me. They make me melancholic. They bring out the worst of mid-life crisis in me.

First Blog

Heard about it; read about it; contemplated about having one to call my own; and, finally, now, I have my own Blog! So, what is interesting about blogging? For one, once where we could bitch to a few friends over a cup of teh tarik about how bad our day was, now we can bitch to the whole world about it. Cool, isn’t it? The world is getting smaller, indeed.