Sunset At Bayan Baru

View of Bayan Baru from Taman Pekaka at sunset
View of Bayan Baru from Taman Pekaka at sunset.

Wuan and I were in Penang over the weekend and yesterday to look for a restaurant to host our wedding banquet. I spent some time enjoying the view from my apartment. The panorama at dusk is still an amazing sight to behold now as the first time I looked out that window ten years ago.

So many memories, so many different emotions all swirled in my mind as I recalled the days when Mum would rest her elbows on the window frame and looked out to the orangy sky and beyond. She had so many dreams for me, none that I could fulfil when she was alive. How I wish she is still here to oversee my wedding banquet, to share in my joy on one of the happiest days of my life.

How I Almost Forgot

Night panorama of Taman Lip Sin and Bayan Baru from Taman Pekaka

I have almost forgotten how beautiful the night scenery is from my apartment in Penang until I came across this photo taken the last time Wuan and I were there. The warm glow of street lamps, the fairy lights of distant houses – there is a lump in my throat. So many memories, so many things I thought I could leave behind but could not. Oh Penang, how I miss thee.

Photoblog – An Accident

Jalan Pekaka 1
Panaromic view of Jalan Pekaka 1, Taman Pekaka.

Almost the whole stretch of Jalan Pekaka is accident prone. The road slopes down from the traffic lights at the T-junction with Jalan Bukit Gambir. Cars turning into Jalan Pekaka usually speed down the road to Sungai Dua. Add a few junctions along the way coupled with impatient drivers and you have the perfect recipe for accidents. Countless vehicular accidents have happened along this stretch, usually tailgating fender benders.

As I was writing the previous blog yesterday, I heard a loud crash. Looking down from the window, I saw a woman lying motionless on the road. Her scooter was a good 20 meters away and pinned under the bonnet of a Wira. This happened just beside the Taman Pekaka surau.

4:14pm – View from my window. The scooter is pinned under the bonnet of the green Wira on the left. The victim is lying near the yellow box. A helmet lies beside the blue car on the other side of the road.

The distance between the victim and her scooter and the Wira is approximately 20 meters.

Close-up of the victim lying on the road.

Close-up of the mangled scooter under the Wira.

4:16pm – Some Good Samaritans carried the victim to the pavement. Ideally, this is not a good idea. If the victim suffered trauma to the spine, moving her could aggravate the injury.

4:32pm – The ambulance arrives.

4:28pm – The victim is put on the gurney and being wheeled to the ambulance.

4:28pm – Another ambulance arrives just as the gurney is being loaded into the first ambulance.

4:29pm – Both ambulances speed away with their sirens blaring.

4:30pm – Three policemen arrives on two motorcycles.