The Passion

I cannot wait to watch The Passion of The Christ. This movie was co-written, directed and produced by Mel Gibson and ?adapted from a composite account of The Passion assembled from the four Biblical gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John,? according to the background info of the official movie site. Additionally, the characters in the film speak in the languages they would actually have spoken during that time, namely Aramaic, Latin and Greek. I believe Gibson had taken great pains to recreate this movie as authentic to the times as he possibly could.

The Passion of The Christ is about the last twelve hours of Jesus? life. This movie is slated to be released on February 25, coinciding with Ash Wednesday. Even before the release, it is already mired in controversy. Jews and Christians feared that the graphical dramatisation that led to the crucifying of Christ would incite anti-Semitism because it portrayed the persecution of Jesus by the Jews.

Personally, whatever message this movie depicts, I will be watching it to learn more about the sufferings that Jesus went through, beginning from the Garden of Olives in Gethsemane right up to the moment of His death. This will help complement my Bible studies. Anne and Adel, my catechists, are currently helping me understand the deeper meanings of God?s Words.

Author: Peter Tan

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10 thoughts on “The Passion”

  1. peter, i’m looking forward to the passion of christ too. heard it received good reviews. methinks it was already reviewed in our catholic paper, the herald. i have one review forwarded to me by a friend. i will send it to you via email.

    i hope this show will be allowed to be shown and no ban.

  2. Even if it is not banned, I think it will be heavily censored for its graphic violence.

  3. yep definitely heavily censored – its rated R in the US. I plan to download a copy off the net 🙂 once its avai on DVD – only way to watch it in its entirety and on my terms!

  4. I am not for voilence in movies, but I think this serves a different purpose. Thanks for your great comments.

    In the Son

  5. Violence has many facets. Some are mindless and serves no purpose whatsoever. In this case, to censor the violence that was inflicted to the Christ is akin to denying that it ever happened. This is a blasphemy against the extreme suffering, physical and mental persecution that Jesus had to go through to bring us a step closer to God.

  6. Dear Peter,

    Pirated DVD copies have already hit the shops in Penang. It is not a movie, it is an event. Difficult to get through it without flooding the place. Suggest you read the Dolorous Passion, the book which inspired Mel Gibson to make this movie.

    God Bless

  7. Thanks for the pointer. I think the official DVD version has not been released yet until the movie has made its round in the cinema circuit. Those pirated copies are probably bootlegged from cinema screens.

  8. I have seen the Passion of the Christ and believe it to be one of if not the best movie to properly depict Our Lord’s Passion and Death. A couble more books that give great insight to Jesus’s Passion and death are Revelations of St. Bridget and The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin, by Ven. Mary of Agreda. They both have comments on it by way of private revelations. God Bless one and all. Tom Crowley.

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