Launching Of The Jubilee Year

Bishop Anthony Selvanayagam just before Mass.

At today’s Sunset Mass, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit played host to the launching of the Jubilee Year from August 2004 to August 2005. The Penang Diocese celebrates the fiftieth years of its formation. The Golden Jubilee Celebration is a momentous occasion for the Diocese which encompasses the states of Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Kelantan.

The Bishop Anthony Selvanayagam obliging with a pose.

The Cathedral was filled with roses of all shades for this occasion. There was only standing room as the Cathedral was packed to the brim with parishioners wanting to be a part of this beautiful event. Bishop Antony Selvanayagam, Monsignor Stephen Liew and a mass of Fathers and Religious from different Orders of the Roman Catholic Church were there to witness and celebrate the event with the laity.

Homily by the Bishop Anthony Selvanayagam.

I missed the beginning part of the Mass as I could not find a place to park my wheelchair in the crowded Cathedral. Then my cousin Mary found me a spot where I could see the altar, the projector screen and follow Mass. Towards the end of the Mass, I met fellow blogger Lucia of Mental Jog for the first time. A while later, while I was wheeling to get a better view, the digital camera slipped from my lap and dropped onto the floor. The fall broke the catch of the battery cover. The cover cannot be shut tightly and the camera kept flashing the battery exhausted message. Now I wonder how I can get it repaired.

Our Lady of Jubilee.

In conjunction with this auspicious event, the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Jubilee was unveiled by the Bishop and was heralded by the blowing of the horns. This statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Boy Jesus was conceptualised by Father Michael Cheah. They were given a local flavour with Mary and Jesus wearing clothes with an indigenous theme. Mass ended with a rapturous performance by the choir singing the Jubilee Theme Song.

Author: Peter Tan

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11 thoughts on “Launching Of The Jubilee Year”

  1. Marita,
    Lucky nothing else broke because I am too broke to get a new camera. I wished I could have captured more images. The roses were so nice.

  2. “Mary and Jesus wearing clothes with an indigenous theme?” You must be kidding…..

  3. Pauline,
    Why not? Throughout the ages, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been depicted in indigenous themes in various parts of the world.

  4. hey peter, it’s great to have met you finally but pity no time to really chat. next time, then.

    yes, it’s ok to have the BVM dressed in clothes with an indigenous theme to reflect the country. BVM was dressed in baju kebaya while the child jesus was dressed in the baju melayu. one thing though, i’d rather prefer to see BVM with a veil that falls on both her shoulder, without one side of it drapped over her neck and her head all covered up… because in this way, it looks like she is wearing a tudung and not a veil.

  5. Sweetspirit,
    Yeah, one of those days. Come to think of it, it was a blessing that I did not get a place inside the church earlier. If not I would be stuck somewhere behind and would not have had the opportunity to take those images.

  6. Hey there,

    That is why I love the RC Church leaders in Sarawak, and I guess in Malaysia in general. I like how they incorporate the local culture during worship. For example during Chinese New Year they bless oranges etc. To me is very important as there are may important aspects to faith, and just because Mary and Jesus wear indigenous outfits…… is completely missing the important teachings and “spirit” in the teachings of Jesus …….

    I guess I am guilty of having had these thoughts before, until I took the effort to explore the meaning and Spirituality of Faith did I begin to understand a little about what it means to be a good Christian/ Human Being……

    And I do get annoyed with people who percieve that their faith is ‘better’ than others. I think if some one has faith in today’s day and age it is already a major thing. There is no such thing as a bad or good faith…… just bad a good bahaviour/ attitudes on people’s part.

    Okay, should stop going on your blog and jumping on the soap box! Thanks for visiting my blog….. enjoy…..
    Hope you are well and hope you can get your camera fixed…..
    Take care
    Little Dee

  7. Little Dee,
    You can expound your thoughts on the soap box here any time you want. Bit by bit, local elements are being incorporated into the church, i.e. the priests’ vestments will be infused with batik motifs. These are cosmetic changes to go with the times. That should not change our faith in anyway if our focus is always on Jesus and his teachings.

    My camera is still lying there looking forlorn. I have an idea on how to fix it but have yet to get around to doing it.

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