Here I am, all confused and fidgety. A load of disjointed thoughts are swirling in my mind right now. Trying to unravel them is too colossal a task at this instance. The year is coming to an end soon. As I look back, a sense of loss hangs over me. The defining moment for this year was my baptism, perhaps the most significant point in my life too. On the other hand, I am disappointed that I have achieved little with my own hands. My heart cries out for an accomplishment that I can be proud of. There is none.

When I moved here, I had to discard a lot of keepsakes. There is only so much an apartment can accommodate. Those bit and pieces of my childhood memories went out with the trash. The little that I could afford to take with me are the most precious. Among them is a clear folder that held all my certificates. There are the SRP and SPM results, many from my Scouting days and a few music examination certificates.

One of those stood out prominently from the rest. It is the Grade 3 ABRSM Pianoforte Examination Certificate where I passed with a distinction. I never really liked playing the piano then. I was compelled to take lessons by my parents. But I worked really hard that particular year. Miss Lee, my former piano tutor, made certain her students were thoroughly prepped prior to each exam. I was the lazy one and got ticked off many times for playing the exam pieces badly. I am glad she did what she did. At the very least I have something that I can be proud of, something to pull me through days like today. Gosh, I miss playing the piano.

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  1. Hi Peter
    The closing of another year does this to us.

    Hey, why don’t you play the piano again? If you put your heart to it, I am sure something will come your way.

  2. For all that you think you didn’t, I am pretty sure you did achieve something with your own hands. Look at all that work you put into writing and your site. It might seem like a small thing to you, but it has touched many.

    And I agree with Lilian, why not try playing again? Give it a funky Peter style. It’s not the same as before, but I’m not sure that it’s not fun at all. Anyway, happy holidays.

  3. Marita,
    I have tried and it was no fun playing. It was more like hard labour. I always try to avoid anything that needs hard work. :o)

    Practice makes perfect. I can still remember the tune now. You can imagine how many times I have played the song for it to be so embedded in my mind. When you said “C’mon… play again!” I feel like I am Sam in Casablanca.

    I wish it is like that too. I have evolved into a creature without opposable thumbs that function. Without that, I cannot make much music with the piano. So I will just have to watch the maestros play and reminisce about a time when I could barely do what they are doing.

  4. Errrrrm,

    Im not realy shure what all this is about.
    And i don’t know how i ended up here as well, but… if ya miss some thing you can try letting other people do it for ya.
    Maybe it helps hearing other people play.
    (And maybe i shuld just shut it becose i don’t know anything about this :s )
    Anyway, i wish u the best!

    Greeeetz, Tha?s from Belgium

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