Bloggers Are Morons

Blogging has fried our brains. Instead of evacuating after the tremor, we, bloggers staying in high rise apartments, sit here and blog about it, oblivious to the risk should the building topple over or collapse. I, for one, was furiously typing away as the floor swayed under me instead of making plans to leave my apartment. Should I laugh or cry at this stupidity that has befallen me?

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

32 thoughts on “Bloggers Are Morons”

  1. Actually with us all staying in apartments… evacuation via the lift is definitely a no-no… and by stairs during the tremor is also a risk, isn’t it? Best to stay put, steer clear of tall objects that may fall over, or crouch under tables/doorway.

    At least, the safe place in my room is actually in front of the PC, so I mah blog about it lor :p

  2. Aww, we tend to… take things for granted. Don’t do that again ya?

    I blogged after I came back into my condo, 20 floors up.

    Structural integrity can collapse too, you know 😀

  3. Peter!!! I felt it soooo bad this time. My knees were all weak when I carried my toddler down ‘cos the staircase were swaying. Please get your stuff ready for just in case. I hope you have all the plans ready. I am not sending my kids to school tomorrow, not sure what to expect. Just pray, pray, pray.

  4. I’m laughing yet at the same time I’m worried about you, Peter. Do take extra precaution and I pray for yours and other penangites’ safety.

  5. Auyongtc,
    Evacuation should proceed immediately after the tremor stops.

    The exercise is good for you. :o)

    This definitely is worse than the previous.

    Thank you for your concern.

  6. My goodness Peter, you cracking me up and make me worry in the same time, you even got the sense of humour to crack a joke like this when the building shaking, oh my goodness…can’t help but LOL…

  7. Interesting post, in oz well newcastle children are told if a earthquake occurrs, under the desk they must go.Also it’s considered to go into the smallest room like toilet bathroom ,as theyre suppose to be stronger.Anyways earthquakes happen so quickly one could go outside and a building still come down on ya.Anyways glad ya okz n tcz

  8. Peter don’t be too hard on yourself. Am glad you’re alright tho.
    Would you mind if I linked you to my site?

  9. Bloggers should get a life. Put down your cellphones, turn off your computers and ACTUALLY interact with REAL people. DUH!

  10. Bob,
    We are filling the gaps where the mainstream media has failed to cover. We bring you first hand news even before journalists know what is happening. And yes, I have a life in the real world too.

  11. I agree with Bob, all bloggers are are sad wannabe reporters that will never have a real job in journalism. This format called blogging makes them happy, at least until the played out format takes it’s final nosedive, and the participants return to their former lives.

  12. There are real people on the other end of the cellphones and computers, aren’t there? Next you’ll be telling us that this “mail” fad will never catch on.

  13. imfuct,
    I wonder why you are reading blogs. Get a life man.

    You got that right. Some people just speak out of the other end.

  14. Yes, evacuate only after the earthquake or tremor stops. And like you said, don’t evacuate and hang around the perimeter of tall apartment/office blocks. Doesn’t make a difference if the building collapses, does it?

  15. Ks,
    They rushed down only to linger at the driveway. No, it does not make any difference. It was as if they had stayed in their own apartments.

  16. N.C.,
    This “blog” was posted as a link called Bloggers Are Morons, on’s webpage. Kind of strange to see a blog that calls bloggers morons, don’t you think? Now can you see why I chose to read it? I didn’t find out until after reading into it that it was a blog about bloggers, it’s sad, really. Thanks for the reply anyway.

  17. I feel that anyone who judges another without prior knowledge of that person is an ass…especially when free speech and the right to do freakin anything seems to be at issue in ‘our’ ‘democracy’ in the USA. I love this country…but, I so detest people with a right wing, duct-tape your mouth shut kind of judgement…in which a ‘blogger’ makes degrading judgemental remarks about people in this country who NEED to stand up and speak…

  18. JustMe1383,
    Jumping to conclusion before fully understanding the gist of the content is putting a foot in one’s mouth. All said, this entry was done in jest. It is a pity some could not see it that way.

  19. justme1383, you need to get either one of these:

    1) a life – because people with a life have better things to do than flame a person for his blog article

    2) a sense of humor – even my dog who doesn’t understand english found the capacity in itself to wag its tail and pant inexorably as though it were suppressing a hearty laugh… that or it was constipating from the week old lunch I gave it earlier

    3) laid – yes. stiff people definitely need this.

    Good day to you.

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