You Do Not Worship Jesus!

Among my many aversions, preachers and people who ask obvious questions about my disabilities top the list. Where possible, I always responded in an abrupt but tactful manner. Questions like ?Can?t you stand up and walk?? annoyed me no end because it was apparent I could not. Why would I be using a wheelchair for the past twenty years if I could walk? An incident involving those two topics got me all flustered just now. The following conversation was originally in Hokkien.

“Can you stand up and walk?”


“Can you bend your legs? Are they all stiff?”

I did not answer.

“Do you believe in the Christ?”


“Where is your church?”

“Green Lane.”

“What denomination is that?’

“Roman Catholicism.”

“That is not Christianity.”

“What do you mean not Christianity?”

“You do not worship Jesus.”

“Who told you that? I am a Christian!”

“That is not Christianity.”

That was where I lost it. I told him not to put down someone else’s belief to glorify his. I must have raised my voice a little as my neighbours who were chatting among themselves beside me suddenly became silent. There are many things that I will compromise and tolerate but where my faith is concerned, I will not take a slight like that without having my say.

“I am a Protestant. We believe in Jesus Christ.”

I ignored him.

“We pray for the sick and the lame. Does your church do that?”

He asked a few more questions but I continued to ignore him. After a while, he must have sensed that I was extremely annoyed and quietly walked away. Immediately after that, a sense of guilt overcame me. I wished I had been tactful like I have always been when dealing with such situations. Perhaps he had meant well in trying to get me to his church for those healing prayer sessions. However, the one thing that saddens me most is how professed followers of the Christ can put down the belief another follower in such an insolent manner.

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Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

47 thoughts on “You Do Not Worship Jesus!”

  1. yeah I can understand.
    I meet insensitive Christians many time already.
    It is annoying to get Christian booklets in my mailbox and the booklets talk bad about other religions. They stoop too low.

    – life feel

  2. That is sad. I mean to put down other’s believe to glorify their own.

    Whatever happened to “Love thy neighbour as you love yourself”?

  3. and that is why.. i left christianity last year. sad to say, i lost my hope and faith.. after the seventeen years. and now that i’m eighteen… i turn to no one but to myself..

  4. Wow..couldn’t believe that this could happen between two christian believers as well? I experienced this before too…I was questioned like a criminal and my religion was belittled.

    I’m really sad for them.

  5. Hi Peter! I cannot remember how many times i’ve `lost it’ too when faced with such encounters. I’ve always had to explain or defend being a catholic to christians of other denominations rather than to people of other faith. If the person is able to discuss openly, I’d spend the time… otherwise, I just tell the person “I hope God opens your heart and may He answer what I can’t today. Peace be with you.” and I walk away without adding another wrinkle to my face or crinkle to my heart 🙂

  6. I’m no Christian, although I do go to church once awhile. I too have come across ‘some Christians’ like that, to a certain degree I find it a little to fanatical. Maybe that is one of my reasons why I haven’t really have full faith to convert.

  7. I don’t think it’s a question of religion, rather a problem with people. In every religion there is bound to be different sects, naturally human nature would make some think that their sect or own congregation is better than the others. It happens.

  8. Good day Peter!

    I’ve had similar experiences too and it hurts more when the other party refuses to listen to what I have to say.

    Anyway, the following is a link to my latest post entitled “FOUR BIBLICAL TRUTHS” which I think you might find interesting and I hope it will be helpful the next time you engage inter-religious dialogue with a Protestant brother/sister.


  9. Well, suprisingly people have forgotten that they all serve to Jesus and Father in Heaven… Humans are the root cause of all different perspectives….And only protestants will be so fanatical….

  10. Sigh, that happened to my friend recently too, when her friend accused Roman Catholics of being devil worshippers etc…. Come on la. How can THEY profess to be followers of Christ when their slagging of us and our beliefs contradict that. Plus, the RCs can be traced way back to the new testament.

    But when it comes to denominations, I think most conservative RC’s might start to call me a pembelot now. I find myself drawn to a Methodist church, not for their teachings, but for their fellowship, which I find is sorely lacking in the RC church here.

    But when it comes to teachings, I’m still trying to keep true to the RC ones. In the end, shouldn’t devotion to GOd and scripture be the only thing that matters?

  11. many christians behave that way, peter… it’s a sad fact of life.

    so much for them being the “salt & light” of the earth.


  12. i know someone very dear to my heart who is like that.

    it makes me wonder, why is it so necessarily to defend one’s faith by putting down another. God did not mean for us to argue with each other.

  13. Peter;

    So sad, but glad you wrote about it.

    Dont’ feel bad; in this instance, the other party should be the one to be struck by conscience, clearly not thee.

    My credo is: If youre a Muslim, or a Buddhist, or a Christian, or a Hindu, or even an atheist — Just be a Good Muslim, a good Buddhist, a good Christain, a good Hindu, and a GOoD atheist. Just part with an adieu plus poem I once composed when in similar “mood” as the one recounted, Take care…& Salaam.

    Questioning Mind

    They talk in many tongues
    Preaching salvation
    And monopoly of the Truth

    Breathing hellfire
    On those who’d not stay
    To sing the same saccharine song

    You’re a traitor to the Cause
    If you should raise just a murmur
    of any question

    You’d die a thousand deaths
    If you’d doubt the Elder’s tongue
    Or God forbid,
    Challenge the wisdom of his Word

    So remain a meek lamb
    Another number in his obedient flock
    Or else, bid farewell
    Jump off this wagon quick
    So that Heaven has one more
    Vacancy to dwell.
    Questioning Mind
    They talk in many tongues
    Preaching salvation
    And monopoly of the Truth

    Breathing hellfire
    On those who’d not stay
    To sing the same saccharine song

    You’re a traitor to the Cause
    If you should raise just a murmur
    of any question

    You’d die a thousand deaths
    If you’d doubt the Elder’s tongue
    Or God forbid,
    Challenge the wisdom of his Word

    So remain a meek lamb
    Another number in his obedient flock
    Or else, bid farewell
    Jump off this wagon quick
    So that Heaven has one more
    Vacancy to dwell.


  14. Oooops, Peter, sorry the verses were repeated. “Minta Maaf” — a teh tarik on me when the occasion arises, PPS Bash next year? Adieu, Wishing All

  15. So many claim they re Christians yet their mannerism dictates otherwise. I really wonder if Christ really wanted people to squabble over such minor details in His name. Christ teaches tolerance and understanding whomever we are and yet like you say Christians put down Christians to what end? Is it to show that they are holier than others?

  16. Hey Peter!

    its sad to read that post of yours.I always tell people from whatever type of Christian they are from that no matter what type of Christian they are,which Church they are attending and no matter what denomination one is from we are all here to on earth to furfill God’s will,like in Jesus’s prayer just before he was taken away from his disciple “father,let your will be done,not mine” I am from am AOG denomination but i sometimes still follow the RC and Anglican rules.. No matter what we worship the same God and its our duty to let his will be done! God Bless u Peter.. and remember Numberes 6 24-25 😉

  17. Thank you all for leaving your comments here. I shall not reply to each individually. But I have this to say to all adherents of Christianity, irrespective of their denominations. Lets not lose focus on why we call ourselves Christians. Remember what Jesus said in his Farewell Discourses:

    I give you a new commandment:
    love one another;
    you must love one another
    just as I have loved you.
    It is by your love for one another,
    that everyone will recognise you
    as my disciples.
    (John 13:34-35, NJB)

  18. Hey Pete, I’m dont understand why many confuses bout Catholic and Christian?
    One worships God and one worships Jesus, cant they just get around peacfully?

  19. ya i agreed wif angeline tat no matter wat denomination we r from.. we r worshipping the same God.. stop abusing each other’s faith.. shalom peter ^^

  20. It is the song NOT the singer. Do not let the singer distract you from understanding the song – The Truth shall set you free 🙂

  21. i admit, that chap reminds me of my younger ignorant (and narror minded) self. i was a very hardcore christian evangelist back in secondary school. well, i am glad i did philosophy in uni, which actually shaped and opened my worldviews. 🙂

    well, this’ zealousness at its worst. imposing ideals upon others would always lead to interpersonal conflicts and it is more often than not counter productive. you know, in aikido, we’re trained to ‘blend in’ attacking energies and disarm our opponents using their own energies. to fit the analogy here, if i had been you, i’d just smile and say, “congratulations for being a protestant” and excuse myself.

  22. As a Protestant, I’d like to apologise to you for the insensitivities you encountered. Overzealousness does tend to get the better of some of us, sometimes. Christ is my Saviour, as He is yours and all who accept Him.

  23. ?We pray for the sick and the lame. Does your church do that??

    I’d be tempted to say:

    “No, instead we do something about it.”

    It’s a good thing I’m not Catholic, I guess.

  24. tactful?
    if someone’s ignorant like that they need a lesson with a fist. but you chose not to. that’s tact enough. it’s like when you’re waiting for someone .. and they walk up to you and say hi … wat’re you doing. redundant.
    Perhaps HE should have been more tactful … do’nt you think?

  25. The Church – is just a building. Christianity or Catholicism – is just a name. All these will perish. What’s important is what’s (or Who’s) in our hearts, mind and soul. And our sole purpose is to Worship Him and to win souls for Him.

    I thought we’ve already lived past the Roman Catholic versus Christianity era but it seems like it is still very much alive today – not only in our nation but all over the world. I still remember when I was in school when Christians will group together and Catholics group together and they will debate all day long. And what about the Protestants versus Catholics in Ireland. Come to think of it – it’s more Political than a belief.

    And by the way, I do think that our Catholic brothers and sisters also believe in and worship Jesus – it’s just that they pray to Jesus/God through Mary because they believe that Mary is close to God and close to His son Jesus, and also Mary being our intercessor.

    I fell for you Peter. We’ll be praying for you. Hope things work well with you and your friend.

  26. Gosh… I meant “feel” not “fell” (!!!). Don’t worry, I’m straight, bradder. 😛 God bless.

  27. When I first became a Christian, I realise that I was ‘supposed’ to not treat Roman Catholics as if they were Christians. In fact, yes, I was actually taught they were worshipping the devil too!!

    I could never reconcile that because I first felt God’s touch in the church beside Assunta Hospital – Assumption, was it?

    I’m a Lutheran, but I’m a follower of Jesus first. Jesus included tax collectors, Samaritans, and other ‘undesirables’ as his friends. What in the world gives us the right to exclude people based on denomination, religion etc? Why can’t we remember to love our neighbours?

    I dealt with this in length at my blog:

  28. Oh my, your avatar really look like that 70s HK star, Xie Xian. LOL, sorry for the diversion.

  29. Thank you again to all who shared your thoughts here regarding this issue. In my personal opinion, there is really nothing “evil” in Roman Catholicism or Protestantism. There are nice Protestant people and vice versa. I have many Protestant friends whom I have known before I was baptised and we are still friends after.

    It is not the different denominations that separates us but the human ego that screams “mine is better than yours” that is causing all these. I simply cannot understand what the fuss is all about. If only we care to stop and think for a moment the one commandment that Jesus gave us, there would not be so much bitterness and resentment. Ponder over this, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  30. very well said man, its so sad how that Protestant fellar put u down like that, I’m Baptist and I agree with u man, if only the church would keep the main focus the main focus on not waste our time arguing over our differences. It the Church of Malaysia can do that, gosh, we’d be heck of a bigger impact on this country. Just wanna drop by to say that this is a really cool blog. Keep it up man! p/s is it alright with u if I link this post to my site? thanks man.

  31. that is so ShITY. I hate the crap bout my religion is so better than yours! what load of rubbish. i m a buddhist. try as you may, but i will stick with what i was born as. i dun want to embrace other religions, so please dun keep trying to make me see tt XYZ religion is better than mine. HEY u DIMWITS OUT THERE – KEEP YOUR UNWANTED THOUGHTS TO YOURSELF AND BUGGER OFF *leave us in peace* =p cheerios!

  32. arghh!!! hey peter! i’m coming up on the 9th (and leaving on the same day)! 😛 would like to drop ur place, but so sorry, i’m don’t think i’d be able to stay for too long. have to attend friend’s graduation, then meet lecturers and friends before balik at 6pm (catch a bus back). can gif alamat ah? saya ada bawak gita saya jugak! 😛

  33. In this crazy world Peter to of which is our abode,we shall come across many that just don’t understand .You done nothing wrong so just let it be.tcz

  34. *Peter* “When words are many, sin is not absent, those who hold their tongue is wise” Let others talk the talk, and not let anger blur your vision and cloud your mind. Nothing gives more pleasure to observe and yet keep a peaceful mind. Eventually, what goes around, comes around. *wink*

  35. It is not about Protestantism or Roman Catholicism but the human ego that is causing all these discords.

  36. Peter, its a mere case of ignorance on the part of your Protestant friend. I’m afraid that the newer generation of Christians (I’m not implying first generation Christians, but Christians in this day and age) are only capable and are only taught to believe in Christ, not model their lives based on His. These Bible-thumpers quote a million and one verses to tell you you’re wrong but never bother to read between the lines and see that they have not known the basics of what it is to be Christian… The Gospels gives us a great idea of who and how Jesus behaved. If we can do that, this world will literally be a better place!

    Having been mentored by the Jesuits and spending 3 years of my teenage life in an evangelical Protestant church has opened my eyes to see the differences between us. But it is not the differences that separates us, but the ignorance and the lack of exposure to other denominations which has in turn, produced bigoted Christians.

  37. hey …. wow thats super lame. just wanted you to know that not all protestants are that stupid. and that i beleive God sees what is in our heart and knows who his true freinds are by the way we seek after him, not what church we attend. so please accept this kinda wierd apology on behalf of the christian community … and im very sorry that your stuck in that chair, i will be praying for you for sure. and also know that being wheelchair bound is not God trying to punish you or anything, its not your fault that you havent been healed yet. sometimes we just cant see God’s plan, my uncle had multiple sclerosis and he was the best, most godly man ive ever known. soo umm haha please be encouraged … 🙂


  38. Hey Peter,

    The reason why they ask you about your leg to get you asking what is the solution?
    The solution is the power of God…
    They are not attacking you but the point that the Roman Catholic don’t have the power, they just wanna help you but they did it the wrong way!

    10 june 2006, (Miracle Healing Rally)
    RLC Enterprise
    Lot 5, Jalan 51A/ 221
    46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

    Give Jesus a chance! All glory to God~!~
    Jesus say the Blind will see, the lame will walk!!! Let him do something!
    He loves you…

    Has it ever crossed your mind that I accepted Christ not because I desire physical healing? People like you possess bigoted views of disabled persons. You think every person with apparent physical impairment that you come across wants to be healed and you ram it down our throats whether we like it or not. And Roman Catholics do not have the power? If only you can stop for a moment and listen to yourself talk. If others were doing it the wrong way, so are you.

  39. I am a Roman Catholic who was a Protestant. I can see so many common grounds bith sides have and so many things we can learn from each other.
    Yet we choose to fight about our differences. Every time someone starts talking bad about the other, it creates a real pain in my heart – it is like a family torn apart: feuding, malious, judgemental, hurting and uncompassionate. And yet this is the Church that Jesus loves and died for. Imagine what it would be like if we are united, imagine the impact we could have in this world.

    If only we can see beyond the differences…..

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