September 21st, 2005 - Wednesday

The Digital Awakening is running on WordPress now. Reallybites did all the hard work. She uploaded the files to my webhost and configured it. All I needed to do was import the entries from Movable Type. She is one cool dudette. And yes, she is still single and available. Thank you Reallybites!!!

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23 Responses to “WordPress”

  1. reallybites says:

    And yes, she is still single and available


    u dun lemme see ur face in penang! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.


  2. SapiensBryan says:

    Yes, I am so sure. :D

  3. Life Feel says:

    Congrates :)
    New blog environtment :)

    I am using blogsome
    wordpress too :)

  4. totoro says:

    hmm, no wonder my bookmark didn’t work (permalinks) :P

  5. moses says:

    Welcome aboard the WordPress Train…

  6. Jee says:

    I thought I was lost, looks like a totally different site lerr..

    WordPress is great, you will love it for sure.

  7. Leo Goh says:

    oh my god !! this movable type has been wordpressed ~_~

  8. belacans says:

    wooo, nice! hehe, Peter pimping ReallyBites, kakaka :D

  9. bawangmerah says:

    I just tried wordpress yesterday. Quite cun and easy to use. I just love the way the import thing works in wordpress. Not much hassle. I haven’t tried other blog apps yet. So I’ll be going on a blog app testing spree.

  10. simon says:

    Another WP convert! actually peter, i really like your old digital awakening page, neat and nicely laid out. I hope you can make this one really great.

  11. lynnee says:

    i prefer the previous layout lerr… :P

  12. Yvy says:

    YAY!! welcome to the WP fan-club….:P i have to thank Ed lar…but i’m still tweaking this stupid template. yioh…sometimes it REALLY drives me nuts la….sigh.

    happy tweaking, peter!! :)

  13. hisyam says:

    something wrong with ur’s all indented to the left…im on win xp firefox 1.0.6

  14. Dee says:

    Wow, finally you moved to WordPress. Good on ya Pete. *hugs* :)

  15. Reta says:

    Congrats, looks somewhat me =)

    I’m still deciding if I should go to Bloggers Meet-II; torn betw visiting bf’s grandpa and going =P

  16. emily says:

    yeah, i kinda like the previous layout more too, but it’s only probably because i’m more used to it…. this is nice too :)

  17. dave says:

    kejutan budaya… O.o

  18. Yvy says:

    yioh….so neat oredi. :)

    how u get this dual color hor?

  19. Peter says:

    Why don’t you tell us if this is true or not youself.


    Life Feel,

    All permalinks generated by Movable Type are now dead. That was the reason why I was reluctant to move over.


    I am trying to make it as close to my original layout as possible.

    Cool huh.


    I have been on Movable Type for nearl three years. I discovered that WordPress has better functions and uses up less resources.

    Thanks. I am trying to get back the original feel.

    Trying to…

    Whoever said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?

    Still tweaking.


    I say bf’s grandpa tops the list. Have fun.

    I like the previous layout too. :D

    Not so serious kua.

    It is the default style. I did not do anything.

  20. LcF says:

    Great! Another WordPress blogger! :-D
    Now you need to tweak the htaccess file abit to redirect all the previous MT link to the new Wodpress URL.

  21. Yvonne Foong says:

    Yay! You joinedd the club! The blog buster is now fully utilizing his bazookas! but the layout is a bit wide, don’t you think? nyeh nyeh nyeh :-Þ

  22. Peter says:

    I am too lazy and too unknowledgeable to do that.

    The layout is for 1024×768 screen.

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