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October 6th, 2005 - Thursday

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In those dark hours, the Hospice was like the sun shining through an opening in the clouds after an exceptionally terrifying storm.
September 24th, 2005

The Lesson
“Say thank you to aunty,” I can still hear Mum’s voice instructing me after I was given an ang pau. That was decades ago. I was still a toddler then. That lesson in gratitude was drummed into me again and again by my parents throughout my childhood. It is one of those manners in politeness that will be difficult forget.

The Reason
For the longest time, I thought hard about how I could return the kindness that the Penang Hospice-At-Home-Programme had showered on Mum and me. A kindness received must be reciprocated, no matter what. I am truly grateful that at a time when I had needed help most, the Hospice was there. Their just being there was enough consolation but they made available the resources to help Mum cope with her illness.

The Gratitude
Mum has passed away but that act of unconditional benevolence is one that I will always remember. I am certain that if Mum were still alive today, she would have wanted to do something for the Hospice too. She is not, but I will carry this torch for her, and I have identified how I can achieve that.

The Campaign
I am pledging to shave my head to raise RM5,000.00 for the Penang Hospice-At-Home-Programme. This is removing forty two months worth of uncut hair from my scalp. I have invariably grown attached to them after so many years. It has become part of me, a distinct identity that I have come to be associated with. However, this is all for a cause that I strongly believe in. It is worth the sacrifice.

The Baldies
Two Three Four Five bloggers have pledged to shave their head along with me. They are,, Sharizal Shaarani, Devyne and Jason Mumbles who willingly committed to join me when I shared with them the reasons I am doing this. James had coined a name for this campaign called “Hair For Hospice” which is very apt. We have targeted to achieve that amount by the end of October. We will shave our heads in November at a date to be determined later and will be announced in this blog.

The Cost
It costs RM31 for a palliative care nurse from the Hospice to visit a patient at home. The RM5,000.00 will be able to support 161 home visits. This is only a fraction of the RM290,000.00 that was spent in the year 2004 for a total of 9,325 visits to 485 patients. Patients are not charged for these visits and neither are they obliged to reciprocate in any other way. This is truly service from the heart, and one of the great examples of human compassion at its best.

The Donation Part
Donations can be in any amount. Tax exemption receipts will be issued for donations of RM50.00 and above. Please note that all donations by cheques must be sent directly to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Penang Branch or deposited into their bank account. No individual is authorised to collect donation in any other form for this cause. For donations via cheque, please write “Hair for Hospice” at the reverse side. For deposits or bank transfers, please email the transaction code, bank, branch, time, date and amount deposited to the Society with the header “Hair for Hospice” for record purposes to and also a copy to me for updating the list below. Please also provide a mailing address for receipts to be issued and sent to you. For more information, please visit the Hospice’s website at

The Wish
My fervent wish is that my fellow bloggers and blog readers will contribute generously to this cause. I have experienced their generosity and I was truly touched. I hope others in a similar situation as what Mum went through will be able to receive the same when they need it. This is all I can do for now. Together with your support, many who need the Hospice-At-Home-Programme will get the support they need at the closing chapters of their lives. Please help me help them.

Supporting documents from the National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Penang Branch:
The Letter of Authorization
Donating instructions

List of Pledgers and Donors:
This list only contains the pledgers and donors who have
informed me and is in no way comprehensive or accurate.

Marita Paige (RM20)
9394 (RM300)
Jahabar Sadique (RM100)
Adam (RM100)
Tan Kah Leong (RM50)
Au Hun Boon (RM50 – paid)
Tang Wan Fong (RM50 – paid)
Wendy Ooi (RM200 – paid)
Wai Quan (RM20 – paid)
Virgorat (RM100 – paid)
FindingMe (RM100 – paid)
Sashi (RM50 – paid)
Lucia Lai (RM50 – paid)
Sharizal Shaarani (RM100 – paid)
BawangMerah (RM50 – paid)
Andrew Wong (RM50 – paid)
CK (RM50 – paid)
Eugene Phuah (RM20 – paid)
Evelyn Phuah (RM20 – paid)
Anonymous (RM10 – paid)
Tan Soon Leong(RM50 – paid)
Lee Cheng Guan (RM50 – paid)
Tan Ah Phong (RM50 – paid)
Loh Kok Teong (RM50 – paid)
How Sok Imm (RM20 – paid)
Tan Soon Aun (RM20 – paid)
Chan Yoot Mooi (RM10 – paid)
Anonymous (SBB 0140) (RM100 – paid)
ReallyBites (RM150 – paid)
Chan Kee Saik/Exabytes (RM1,000 – paid)
Liew Cheon Fong (RM350 – paid)
Allison Lai (RM50 – paid)
Nagula Selvakannu (RM50 – paid)
Anonymous (HLBB525117) (RM100 – paid)
Munirah Cheong (RM50 – paid)
Saw Cheow Lip (RM1,000 – paid)
Tanka (RM200 – paid)
Khoo Ee Fei (RM100 – paid)
Becky Ong (RM50 – paid)
Fat Cat Lim (RM100 – paid)
Kenny Sia (RM50 – paid)
Law Tien Soon (RM50 – paid)
Kervin Chong (RM50 – paid)
CYW (RM200 – paid)
Susan Chiang (RM100 – paid)

Total pledged: RM5,490
Total paid: RM4,920

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90 Responses to “Hair For Hospice”

  1. Reta says:

    Yea I am “joining” you guys; apparently the highest bidder gets to ‘date’ me..hehe but i’ll date you Peter for your honorable ways!! =))

  2. Drama Queen says:

    Well done, Peter and god bless you for your good efforts..:)

  3. Peter says:

    Are you paying for all expenses incurred for the date?

    Drama Queen,
    Thank you.

  4. sue-n says:

    may double portion of blessings be upon you always =)

  5. Reta says:

    WAHHHHHHHH damn mengada mannnnn.. got date some more i have to pay.. =P I don’t simply ‘date’ ppl you know =P

    sorry ah the post promoting your campaign damn chialat.. let’s hope the pimping post works!!

  6. Peter says:

    That is very kind of you. May you be blessed too. :D

    Set a date in November for our date. Where do you want to go?

  7. earl-ku says:

    since i am botak anyway – can i contribute to the cause by shaving my goatee which i have kept for the past 3 years?

    its not long but its well maintained :)

  8. feryx says:

    great idea.. will find a way to donate.. sorry that i cant put an amount down right now.. i’m working out how to get it there from melbourne :S perhaps through net banking.. but great job!

  9. Peter says:

    Is that a pledge? You are most welcomed to join us.

    Thank you. I am sorry I cannot provide more information on how you can donate from overseas as I am unfamiliar with that.

  10. Reta says:

    I should be free between 7th and 24th Nov

    drop me email.. ah wait i find your email add la… should be somewhere here..

  11. Hi Peter! Sorry am so slow to get going on supporting your campaign. Have put your button up on my blog Limitations & Latitudes and assure you that I will mobilise our old school mates to put in a penny or two. Its a cause very much worth fighting for and I’m proud to see you spearheading the challenge!

  12. emily says:
    peter, you need to teach this girl some civil consciousness… seriuosly….

  13. matakecik says:

    Hey Friend,

    Take a second look! ;-)
    Cant wait to shave you bald!

  14. Rick says:


  15. Peter says:


    Thanks for the plug and thank you for mobilising our school pals to donate to this worthy cause. Labor Omnia Vincit.

    I cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

    Blogbuster go go go!!!

  16. Fat Cat Lim says:

    I pledge RM100 to the Hair For Hospice Charity Campaign

  17. Avril says:

    Hi Peter..Ive put the button up on my site, just below my header, where everyone can see it. I admire you, and thanks for everything, you restored the faith in a lot of us..=)

  18. allison says:

    good day! i’m happy that i could even offer a little help by coming accross this meaningful thing while blogging and surfing as usual. i will online transfer my donate to the bank account provided within days. and i’ve also put up the campaign banner in my weblog’s sidebar. i sincerely wish this campaign will turn out success and great. thanks uncle peter, for the alert and endless effort. god speed! and god bless!

  19. says:

    Donation: Hair For Hospice

    The monthly charity donation for September 2005 goes to PeterTan’s “Hair for Hospice” charity campaign.

  20. theres a plug in the hair for hospice at pps review podcast here

  21. Fashionasia says:

    this reminds me of something in the US called Locks of Love.

  22. [...] 30 – Pray 29 – Dig your nose with your finger and save a tissue paper 28 – bathe for 30 seconds …. just think how much water you can save. 27 – gather candle wax and reuse them 26 – use a fish bone as a toothpick …. save a tree 25 – give your old clothes to your younger sibling 24 – instead of driving, how about public transport ? or use bus number 11 (your legs and walk) ? 23 – shut up and let someone take the air 22 – offer your seat to a stranger 21 – pick up rubbish and throw them in the appropiate place 20 – shave your head for charity 19 – pay for the people who is lining up behind you. 18 – write a check for $100, sign it , close your eyes for 30 seconds (less if you’re impatient) open your eyes and give it to the first person you see. 17 – instead of tissue paper to wipe your ass, use water. 16 – hurdle together with your friends/family/love ones and save on heater cost 15 – give your husband/boyfriend a blowjob 14 – give your wife/girlfriend a cunninlingus 13 – plug a hole 12 – pick-up a child and say to the child, that “she/he is wonderful” 10 – hang a mistletoe in your house,car,office…anywhere. 9 – offer your wifi connection 8 – when on bittorrent …remember…SEED yourself 7 – reuse everything and anything that can be reused. 6 – tickle someone 5 – hug a tree 4 – smile and show your pearly whites even though yours maybe as yellow as yellowstone park 3 – offer a invite to a stranger 2 – tell a stranger that his/her life has changed your perception on life. 1 – for the love of god, tell your family, friend, enemy, wife, husband, dog, cat, girlfriend, boyfriend …this 3 words :- I LOVE YOU. // Used for showing and hiding user information in the comment form function ShowUtils() { document.getElementById(“authorinfo”).style.display = “”; document.getElementById(“showinfo”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“hideinfo”).style.display = “”; } function HideUtils() { document.getElementById(“authorinfo”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“showinfo”).style.display = “”; document.getElementById(“hideinfo”).style.display = “none”; } [...]

  23. LcF says:

    Total pledged: RM5,120

    Yes! we can see Peter’s bald head!

  24. Bryan says:

    It’s glad to see the amount donated is reaching the target. :)

  25. megabigBLUR says:

    Fashionasia: Locks of Love is a program that allows people to donate actual HAIR to make wigs for cancer patients (well, I guess they take donations of money too). I gave them 11 inches and got a free haircut =) Wonder if they’ve got a M’sian branch…

  26. shye says:

    It’s good that you are doing such a great thing for charity… keep up the good work.

  27. Kenny Sia says:

    I pledge RM50. Will be sending the donation by cheque.

  28. JxT2J says:

    Jason of jasonmumbles also volunteered to shave.

  29. Silly Pats says:

    Damnit… I saw this post and then I realised that I didn’t have enough. Will pledge. Wonder what will happen if I showed up for work bald? :p

  30. Charles F. Moreira says:

    Dear Peter,

    I’m glad you have reverted to easier posting, instead of the other system which was intimidating, even though allowing some form of screening without making it a hassle for people to post would be wise.

    On another note, while I admire your sacrifice of your hair for charity, I feel you could have done it another way — IE. get people to pledge an amount for every centimetre of your hair measured from scalp to tip at the longest point.

    Imagine how much you could collect if people pledged RM10 per centimetre or RM25 per inch?

    Start an Grow Your Hair Long for Chairity drive.


    Cheers and God Bless!


  31. [...] Hair-For-Hospice initiated by Peter, something that he passionately believes in and take big grattitude towards. Here I am with three other bloggers joining Pete in his quest for charity. We’re all going to shave our heads. I am honoured to be doing this with them. [...]

  32. [...] After reading Peter Tan’s Hair For Hospice Campaign from his blog, from Jason Tee’s blog, from newspapers like Sin Chiew Jit Poh and The Star, I immediately knew I could do something about it and for it. [...]

  33. [...] Well, the reason that i am writing this post is to promote this “Hair For Hospice” campaign. If you are reading this post, please give a little help to them. With your little help, it means a lot to other. From Peter Tan’s post,,, Sharizal Shaarani, Devyne and Jason Mumbles are together with Peter Tan to shave their hair for this campaign. Donations can be in any amount. Tax exemption receipts will be issued for donations of RM50.00 and above. Please note that all donations by cheques must be sent directly to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Penang Branch or deposited into their bank account. No individual is authorised to collect donation in any other form for this cause. For donations via cheque, please write “Hair for Hospice” at the reverse side. For deposits or bank transfers, please email the transaction code, bank, branch, time, date and amount deposited to the Society with the header “Hair for Hospice” for record purposes to and also a copy to me for updating the list below. Please also provide a mailing address for receipts to be issued and sent to you. For more information, please visit the Hospice’s website at [...]

  34. soohk says:

    I think I saw your shining head in Low yat today at a camera shop..hahaha just joking I mean the head thing..

  35. [...] In the twenty one years since being disabled, I have never had such a desire to accomplish something as I have done recently. Mum was the reason. Suanie gave me the impetus. Jason got it going when we talked about it in IRC. Four more brave generous souls joined in. This is more than I could have asked for. The Hair For Hospice donation drive has managed to garner RM5,170 in pledges to date. Thank you all for your generosity. And thank you all for allowing me to realize a two-year dream of doing something for the Hospice-At-Home Programme. [...]

  36. LocKee says:

    yee??? y i oso got link to here ka… hehe thanks hoh.

    but me belum send out my check leh…..

  37. [...] As I have “declared” in this post before, I have shaved my head as promised for Peter Tan’s donation campaign – “Hair For Hospice”. [...]

  38. [...] P/S: Peter Tan is having a charity drive and he’s SHAVING HIS HEAD FOR HOSPICE, please do lend your support, thanks thanks thanks. [...]

  39. [...] with october anyway?! Regarding my title, I’ve decided to help propagate Peter Tan’s Hair For Hospice campaign. I’m embarassed to say that I have not been tuning into his blog much in the past [...]

  40. [...] Dee, Bryan and Jason who were benevolent and crazy at the same time. They supported my cause by shaving their heads together with me to raise RM5,000 for the Hospice-at-Home Programme in Penang. I could not have asked for better [...]