Four More Days

Three more days till the conclusion of the Peer Counselor Course. Four more days and I will be back in Malaysia again. I am counting down the days. Nevertheless, life is fun here. Living and learning with my physically disabled peers have taught me many things. Each of them is an inspiration. They may be living with severe disabilities but they are living life to the fullest. Their bodies may be constrained in many ways but that have never stopped their minds from soaring. The mind, once unshackled, sees every opportunity as possibilities. Problems have become challenges that can be overcome. Their lives will never be the same again. Mine too.

As I count the days down, I cannot but have to admit that there is a tinge of sadness that we have to part soon. I also pray that what we have learnt here will be the spark that will light up the lives of countless of severely disabled people in our own countries. We will work towards supporting them to live independently in the community. This may be a long tedious process but we are determined to work hard every step of the way to realise our dream of a barrier-free world, one that does not discriminate and one where even the most severely disabled can live independently in the community. This has been realised in the USA, Japan and a few other developed countries. Independent living for disabled people in Malaysia will be a dream come true in due time. I have committed the rest of my life into making this a reality. I had prayed hard for a direction in life and I am absolutely certain that this is it.

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Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Four More Days”

  1. Good to hear that you are inspired by your peers. Do what one can and your own circumstances is unique. I am always reminded by the saying of Helen Keller ÔÇťAlone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. As a Malaysian I hope to contribute back sometime in the future from what I have learned about Independant Living and employment issue with people with Disabilities. I am out of touch with the local scene but will try to fly back as there are things I need to learn also.


    The best place to learn about Independent Living in Asia is in Japan.

  2. prayers out to all as well. hOpe our govt will realize the importance of people with Disablities. Keep on inspiring others big bro…

    Thank you.

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