Jet Setting Diapers

Jet setting diapers
The pack of diapers after we claimed it from the Malaysia Airlines Lost and Found Office at KLIA.

This pack of adult diapers decided to play hide and seek at Bangkok International Airport when I was there for training in March. The Lost and Found Office could not find it when I lodged a report. It was annoying to be in a foreign city without diapers. Fortunately, they were easily available at convenience stores.

Jet setting diapers
At the Penang International Airport.

I had given them up for good after I got back to Kuala Lumpur as they cost slightly over RM20 only. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when Malaysia Airlines called in April to inform me that I had an unclaimed item that was sent back from Bangkok. They would keep it for three months before disposing it

Jet setting diapers
Inco Adult Diapers, RM21.50, bought at Fajar Pandan Indah.

When Wuan and I was at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to catch our flight to Penang on Monday, we went to claim it. The officer at the Lost and Found Office could not believe that it was only a pack of diapers when he caught sight of the label. It was a hassle lugging it into the plane with us. We checked it in at the counter, hoping that it would arrive safely at Penang with us. It did.

Author: Peter Tan

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  1. Good to see that MAS do do their work sometimes when it comes to Lost and Found.

    And all that for a bag of diapers. You must give it to them sometimes.

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