How Malaysian are you?

One of my bloggers meet kakis gave me a link to a frivolous quiz. The title blared, โ€œHow Malaysian are you?โ€ Now, I am not one to waste time answering rigged questions. I would rather fritter away my time reading Sashi talking about the almost-forgotten illusionist David Copperfield.

How Malaysian are you?

Nevertheless, work has been stressful lately. That quiz was a welcome break although more than 50% of the questions do not provide the answers that I had in mind. I consider myself a true blue Malaysian. Die die also Malaysia is still where my heart is. My score is lower than the median. Bah! It was rigged anyway.

7 thoughts on “How Malaysian are you?”

  1. I’m curious what the writer say about “true Malaysia”, so I make a few tweak and get 36.
    And voila :

    Congratulations! You definitely ‘Boleh’! In fact, you practically bleed red, yellow and blue, doncha? You ought to try getting your name in the Malaysian Book of Records by making the biggest roti canai, or better still, spending a couple of the nights in a glass cage with 30,000 ular sawas, or well, something. Just think BIG.

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