Project Drive For Freedom – Part 2

Around the time that Wuan and I were on the lookout for a suitable car, William and Cynthia were also doing the same. We were seriously looking at the Proton Waja Campro 1.6. The put offs were the flimsy setup and ridiculously low resale value.

They booked a Honda City instead. The exterior of the City is not a pleasant sight. It somehow does not look proportionate. In short, it is an ugly car. The other choice would be the Toyota Vios. I dislike the Vios for the odd placement of its meter clusters which is smack right in the center of the dashboard instead of on the driver’s side.

Wuan was very keen on the Kia Citra. She wanted a car that she could put my wheelchair into easily. The problem with the Citra was that the doors were very small. There was no way I could get into the car no matter how I tried.

In the end, we settled for a City too. I reasoned to Wuan that we would be spending more time inside the car than outside weeping over it hideousness. The interior was nice though. It more than made up for the shortcoming of its looks.

The plus points were the very adjustable steering column and the ample boot space. When the steering wheel was set to its highest position, I could get into the car, legs and all, very comfortably. The boot was large enough to accommodate my wheelchair without the need to remove the leg-rests.

… to be continued.

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Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

11 thoughts on “Project Drive For Freedom – Part 2”

  1. The Honda city is not bad! Its a jazz with a boot.The engine sips fuel and with the cvt, you get pretty good mileage.Its a good choice.Its the first honda car assembled overseas thats so well made that it is exported back to Japan!

    The engine really sips fuel and the boot is huge enough for my wheelchair and more. The Waja could only accomodate my wheelchair with the legrests dismantled.

  2. When you compare a Waja with a City ,you are comparing 2 cars with a price difference of nearly RM20k. It is therefore not fair to talk about the Waja’s “filmsy set-up and ridiculously low resale value”. I know quite a lot of people who are quite happy with their Waja’s, not only because they can’t afford the City but also because they feel that there are quite a lot of things they can do with the RM20k. It is all a matter of priority.

    Someone actually did the maths with me and showed that getting a Waja and a City will cost almost the same when all factors are taken into consideration.

  3. Hi Peter
    Great to hear about your new project of getting mobile!
    So, when can I get a lift from you?
    Keep up the spirit man… God will shower you with abundant graces and your car will definitely be put to great use for HIS cause!
    See you in Penang!

    Before I can give you a lift, I need to get my driving license first.

  4. I would have thought an estate car would be ideal for you.Lots of space in the back.Yes, you pay for what you get.Local cars are pretty OK esp. the peroduas as they’re daihatsus essentially.The protons are good value except they have quality issues.I doubt improving QC would cost that much more.I have driven protons where the roof padding would drop out after a while and the bodywork would rattle!

  5. BTW Pete, you did mention in your previous posts that the cost of car ownership is out of your means for the present time including the conversion and new wheelchair.Did you get lucky at the turf club?!! Sorry just cofused, not meaning to pry.

    If I was lucky at the turf club, imagine how much I needed to wager to win enough for a Honda City. Risky business there. As I do not have an income to qualify for a car loan, guess who took up the burden so that I can drive!

  6. What a burden for a lil lady. If you’re gonna complain about the kinda car you’re gonna get for like free, How ’bout you earn your own moolah to buy that expensive but ‘hideous’ car that even many able-bodied cannot afford? If you need inspiration, Look at yvonne foong. She’s got guts, courage and most of all, pride! And she’s only what age? Here you are, eating slipper rice and complaining ’bout the car not being ideal nuff.. GeeZz.. Yeah, so hammer me for such unkind comments..

    Just because you read my blog does not mean you know everything about me. How I acquire the car is none of your business. I am not getting it for free, that is for sure. I do not need inspiration, thank you. I am not even asking for charity to help me get the car. And you have no right to come here and insult me when you do not even have half the facts. By the way, the correct term is “non-disabled.” Being physically impaired does not mean we are not able-bodied.

  7. right..someone who whined about ppl not attending her concert has “pride”…

  8. Dear geez,

    Since you were asking for it, so yes, I am going to hammer you. But not for your unkind comment. It’s for your naive ness and stupidity. You are just making up your own assumption that Peter is not earning his own money. From where did you get that information that he is eating slipper rice? Speaking without thinking and any substantial proof. Also you made the assumption that Peter is burdening Wuan by making her take up the loan. How do you know that he won’t share that burden? Who are you? Peter’s good friend? A worm in his stomach? You have some surveillance in his house or something? Geez as your nickname is rather suitable.

    I can stoop as low as you to take pot shots at others without knowing the situation properly. In fact I will (so sue me). Yvonne Foong an inspiration? My dog gives me more inspiration. I guess you are one of those that bought those Hope4youtogivememoremoney T-shirts. To me she is just a selfist scam. If you must talk bout Peter commenting the car because of his preference, then I must say this… She could’ve chosen a cheaper option to have her surgery, but no, she wants us to give her more money because she thinks she deserves better. That’s just bullshit.

  9. Hey,whats it to you if Wuan decides to get a car for Pete.Are you being forced to cough out any “moolah”,are you simply jealous or did Wuan confide in you that she’s been held ransom and tortured on the rack? Cut the guy some slack man as we are outsiders looking inside not knowing the full picture.It could be Pete has to give a backrub and foot massage to Wuan everyday for the rest of his life or something like that!
    Whatever ,it is a matter between the 2 of them and from what I can see its something called LOVE and knowing women, I would definitely say that Wuan would have made the final decision on which car to get, not Pete!Am I right Pete?!! My wife does anyway!Drats.

  10. Please fellas,lets leave Yvonne Foong out of the argument no matter how valid or invalid one’s opinions may be.She’s got her own cross to bear and lets be glad she has achieved her target thru’ her own endeavours.
    Pete ,are you taking your driving lessons in KL or Penang? I got my licence late in life after the home govt. refused to drive me around one day.Used to love doing emergency braking-scared the instructor s***less! Thank God for life’s little pleasures! Happy driving dude and may the force be with you.

    Most probably, I will be sitting for the tests in KL. By the way things are going, I may not be driving come 2007. The sticky part is getting the JPJ approval for the modifications.

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