The Voices In Me

It is raining outside. I am melancholic. Rita Coolidge is singing. My heart says live for the moment. My head says I wish I could. The worrywart in me is fidgety. Why are you not living one day at a time, the sane me asks. Because I have no answer to that, the confused me replies. I am wearing too many hats, I tell myself. Let go and let God, my long forgotten spiritual self reassures. That is exactly what I need to do.

2 thoughts on “The Voices In Me”

  1. live a day as it comes loh =) i’m learning to let go as well and not harp on frustrations.. and maybe, hopefully, find happiness in other form..

    Letting go is sometimes difficult but happy or sad is a choice we consciously make. For now, I am choosing the former. :)

  2. Peter, I wish I know all the right things to say to you now, but despite my silence, know that I hold you in my thoughts and in my heart. I should make an effort and arrange to meet, but for now I seem constantly to be battling my own demons and feelings of inadequacy. Thanks for your patience – each time I think of you, I see how I should draw inspiration from all that you do and have achieved.

    Take care my friend…….love you lots.

    Nevertheless, I am still looking forward to meet you.

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