Tee Hui Yee: Here’s Wishing You Speedy Recovery

Hui Yee and her mother’s prayers have been answered. Their wait is over. May she have a speedy recovery.

The Star
Thursday October 4, 2007
MYT 7:27:56 PM

Mechanical heart girl gets a heart


KUALA LUMPUR: Mechanical heart girl Tee Hui Yi successful underwent a heart transplant Thursday morning after an accident patient in coma died in Ipoh the day before and several of his organs were donated.

Tee, 14, was wheeled into the National Heart Institute (IJN) operating theatre at 10.45pm on Wednesday and surgery for heart donor implantation started at 1.30am, according to a statement issued by IJN.

It was understood that the patient was a 15-year-old boy.

His heart and his lungs were flown into Subang Airport from Ipoh Hospital through the Royal Malaysian Air Force mercy flight.

Author: Peter Tan

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2 thoughts on “Tee Hui Yee: Here’s Wishing You Speedy Recovery”

  1. I hope with this new heart Hui Yi is able to back to school continue her education, like any other normal teen does.
    God bless.


  2. I hope Hui Yi will recover soon and continue her daily life as usual.We as a healthy people should appreciate what we have now especially our healthy that God Give.We all should follow Hui Yi strong determination, she think positive and fight her life till the end .Hope she may recover and successfully go through this big challenge

    News reports say that she is getting better. 😀

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