Election Commission And The Indelible Ink Fiasco

The Election Commission has announced that indelible ink will not be used to mark voters in Malaysia’s 12th General Election. At RM2.4mil, these 48,000 bottles of ink cost taxpayers RM50 each? What will happen to these ink now? Can we return them and get a refund? Failing which, who should be held accountable for wasting RM2mil for nothing? Why were all the issues pertaining to the use of indelible ink not considered before making the decision to purchase them?

Author: Peter Tan

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One thought on “Election Commission And The Indelible Ink Fiasco”

  1. Good points here! Why weren’t all the issues wrt to the ink fully considered? Maybe giving way to the request for indelible ink smokescreens problems with unfair representation in our country…

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