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April 8th, 2008 - Tuesday

After that fateful meeting with Jiwa Rasa, it got me thinking. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Since I started blogging, I hardly read books anymore. Nevermind that I have a stack of bestsellers in my apartment in Penang that I got at a bargain and has been collecting dust for a couple of years already. Back in the early days, reading blogs was fun. Bloggers blogged then because they had a story to tell. Now, I would be hard pressed to find a blog that could entice me to go back for more.

I want to get back to the habit of reading again, not blogs but paperbacks. There is a sense of pleasure and mystery in holding a book, smelling the sometimes overpowering scent of pulp and the sensuality in turning the pages one after another. First things first, I am going to finish Tuesdays with Morrie, that is if I remember where I put it. I was halfway through when, somehow, other things took priority over it, and I lost the momentum to continue reading.

After I am done with that book, I would love to read stories written in Bahasa Malaysia. That is one of the only two languages that I am able to read and it has been the longest time since I read a book in that language. It would be such a waste to allow my linguistic skills in the national language slowly rot away. Jiwa Rasa, any suggestion?


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6 Responses to “Back To Paperbacks”

  1. frostier says:

    if u want, i can borrow the tue with morrie to u.

    Thank you. I have it somewhere here. I need to go look for it.

  2. Jiwa Rasa says:

    Hi Pete,

    I’ve read Tuesdays With Morrie out of curiosity as the book was on the top selling list for weeks.

    If you are looking at good books in Bahasa Malaysia, may I suggest that you visit

    This online bookstore is owned and managed by a local writer, Nisah Haron. She is a lawyer who take up writing and selling books online as her full-time jobs. You can also write to her if you want to find books not listed on the site.

    May I `welcome you back’ to paperbacks with open arms!! Cheers.

  3. ex penang boy says:

    Book was a good read,pity it was too short.Finished it in less than a day.You keep wanting to know more.

    It is a good read indeed but I am a slow reader. Eyesight not too good too. This is one book I know I will reread a few more times.

  4. Yvonne Foong says:

    I read Morrie too. In plain language, simple, direct, and can never get any better than that! Haha!

    Hey, is MY blog a turn off too?

  5. sayayangayu says:

    Hi Peter, Tuesdays with Morrie was a good read. I remebered reading a book when I was in high school. Just to check, have you read any or all the Harry Potter series? If yes, then yeay…. If not, I would seriously recommend that you do. I have them all, I can lent them to you when I get back. Have funn reading.

    Thank you for the offer. :D

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