Serum Creatinine At All-Time High

Serum creatinine result from blood taken on June 2 showed it hit 299umol/L. This is the highest level yet. It has never gone above 288umol/L before this. The threshold is 400umol/L after which I have to undergo dialysis regularly for the rest of my life. I hope this is just an abnormal spike. Or could it be the effect of the urinary tract infection that knocked me out in May?

3 thoughts on “Serum Creatinine At All-Time High”

  1. Everything go up, your creatinine also must follow suit! So, how is it now? any better? I do hope so. You’ve struck too many “first” prizes already. Time the Big guy up there cut you some slack.All the best Pete

    Next check up in a few months. We shall see. The only thing that I have not struck is the lottery. Please put in a word for me with the big guy up there ya. Thanks.

  2. Hi long never visit ur blog. optimistic…will always keep you in my prayer! :)

    Thank you.

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