How is success defined? Is it the destination or does the journey matter too? Can success derived from pulling a veil over the truth, sacrificing dignity and self-respect still considered a success? If such a yardstick is used as a measurement, I would rather not succeed. I would rather give up my ambition than sleep with the devil.

3 thoughts on “Success”

  1. Success is ambivalent to good or evil. Success to me is being remembered for what you are rather than what you have.

    If you have touched the lives of many in a positive way, then you have been successful as when leave “the stage”,it is the experiences and deeds that you have left behind that will ensure that your good name will survive longer than the material things you have amassed.

  2. well said ‘ex penang boy’. too often, we forget the true meaning of success when we’re busy defining ourselves to others by amassing material wealth.

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