Christmas Came Early

Christmas presents from Jocelyn 2008

I tell you, there is a Santa Claus and she is alive and well and sending out presents to people who have been good all year round. Ahem! Yes, Santa Claus is a she! Look what her elf disguised as the friendly postman delivered this morning – a Christmas card and a His & Hers diaries for Wuan and I. Thank you Aunty Jocelyn for the early Christmas gifts. And yes, she goes by the name Jocelyn among others. Here is wishing a Blessed Christmas to Aunty Jocelyn and all at home.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early”

  1. ahem.. excuse me.. I am not even close to being an “aunty” OK, GRANDPA??!!!

    Now, open the pages and jot down my birthdate, and my elves’. QUICK!

    JoMel jie jie… Come come, when is your birthday and that of your elves? 😀 Thank you again for the pressies. Mwah!

  2. =) Before I forget… Merry Christmas, Peter! Maybe Jocelyn’s a “Miss”? 😀

    Miss Jocelyn is going to get you a very big present! Merry Christmas to you too Ciana.

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