Otak-Otak Place At 1 Utama

Wuan and I had dinner yesterday at a restaurant called the Otak-Otak Place that just opened at the Lower Ground Floor in the New Wing of 1 Utama. This restaurant took up one of the lots where Giant Supermarket used to be. The menu has an extensive offerings of the delicious otak-otak prepared and served in many different ways.

Otak-Otak Place Roti Jala with Curry Chicken
Roti Jala with Curry Chicken.

There were the usual steamed otak-otak and grilled otak-otak. Otak-otak steamed in banana leaf is from Penang. Otak-otak wrapped in coconut leaf and grilled comes from Muar in Johor. Apart from the that, the menu proferred a mind-boggling list of otak-otak served as dumplings, fish cakes and even used as patty for burgers.

We were indeed spoilt for choice and had a difficult time deciding what we wanted to eat. After browsing the menu for a while and salivating in the process, we decided to tread on the well-beaten path and try out food that we were more familiar with.

Otak-Otak Place Nasi Lemak Special
Nasi Lemak Special.

Wuan was not very hungry and had Roti Jala with Curry Chicken (RM5.90). I stole a piece of the roti jala. The curry was fragrant. The aroma and taste was just what I like in chicken curry. There are not many places in the Klang Valley that offer this dish in the menu. This is one place that I will go back again whenever I have cravings for roti jala.

The fried chicken for the Nasi Lemak Special (RM9.90) that I ordered looked delicious in the menu. It was served in a two-tier stainless steel tiffin carrier that is common in many kitchens. One was filled with rice, two slices of cucumber and half a hard-boiled egg. The other had one piece of fried rempah chicken, one piece of grilled otak-otak and one portion of sambal ikan bilis. The chicken was well marinated and did not disappoint but the nasi lemak was a little bland for my liking.

Steamed Otak-Otak
Steamed Otak-Otak.

For the month of December, patrons who have the 1 Utama One Card will be presented with a complimentary piece of steamed otak-otak (RM3.00) with their orders. While we liked the otak-otak, we both agreed that it would have tasted better with daun kaduk. There was not a hint of this pungent leaf or its aroma. Somehow, steamed otak-otak without daun kaduk is just incomplete for the Northern Peranakan cuisine lovers in us.

The bill plus two glasses of iced honey lemon inclusive of 5% service charge totaled RM24.99. We will definitely return to try out more from the menu. Wuan wants to have a taste of the Nasi Briyani Dam. As for me, there are several other otak-otak dishes that I would love to sink my teeth into.

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. :p

    We should have gone to makan there to celebrating meeting for the first time. Ah well, next time, ok?

  2. The nasi lemak looks a little plain. Where’s the peanut and ikan bilis? 😀

    What happened to your template?

    The ikan bilis is hidden between the fried chicken and the otak-otak. As for my template, I was troubleshooting to see why trackback and pingback is not working after I upgraded to Version 2.7. Both are still not working.

  3. I thought I saw a billboard advert today that said “Steamed Otak-Otak RM1”. Speaking of which, do try “Madam Kwan”‘s Nasi Lemak. It’s delicious and….expensive (thanks to the rental). I do have my lunch there sometimes.

    The steamed otak-otak is free for those holding the One Card. I am not sure about the RM1 promotion. Madam Kwan’s nasi lemak is nice but there is always a long queue during lunch and dinner time.

  4. You’re turning into a food blogger ah? =D All those photos are making my mouth water. ;9~~~

    I blogged about food because I have nothing else to write about. 🙁

  5. ya lor…sorry ler…was rushing off…was a very hectic day that day! but now we’ve met under such circumstances, i guess that means i don’t need a wear a paper bag on my head when i meet you now..hahaha!

    Why lar do you need to wear a paper bag over your head when you meet me?

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