Frog On Lily Pad

Frog clinging on to lily pad
Frog clinging on to lily pad.

The keyword “frogs” has topped the list of search engine terms in this blog for the past few months, consequently making Freedom Frogs, an entry published in 2006, one of the most viewed posts. I cannot understand the phenomenon with this particular keyword.

Frog on lily pad
Frog on lily pad.

I am putting up two more photos from the same series. They are of the same frog. Except for their sliminess, I think frogs are adorable. From today onwards, I swear I will never eat frogs again although I love them cooked Tung Po style. And I wonder why wicked witches like to turn charming princes into frogs.

Author: Peter Tan

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3 thoughts on “Frog On Lily Pad”

  1. The frog doesn’t look too happy that you’re taking a picture of him. =)

    He should be! I just spared him from a horrible death.

  2. Frogs are not slimy. Their skin feel damp and cooler since they cannot regulate their body temperature. I agree that frog legs are tasty. I have not eaten them in ages.

    How can you eat those cute things?

  3. whatever happened to your arowana? you once had a blog for the fish if i remember.

    The arowana is still around and has grown quite a lot but I only posted 2 entries in the blog for 2 whole years and decided to remove it.

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