Ironic Me

The blogger in me is such an irony. I had so much time last week but I was just too lazy to blog. Well, it was also partly due to the humid weather that has pervaded for the longest time that made me lethargic throughout the day. The weather is all cool and breezy now and I have this urge to put up a long entry. Those ideas have been bubbling in my mind for the past week.

As timing would have it, I was invited to conduct part of a course next week at Institut Sosial Malaysia on short notice. Instead of putting my thoughts into words, I am busy preparing materials for the presentations. The course titled Introduction to Independent Living (Kursus Pengenalan Kehidupan Berdikari Bagi OKU) is to be attended by officers from the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. Nonetheless, I am glad that the busyness has snapped me out of the doldrums.