Integrated Network Connector Busted

My Dell XPS M1330 laptop could not connect to the Internet after I restarted it from sleep mode yesterday. Switching to another ADSL modem did not work either. The red light on the network slot is on all the time while the green light does not blink even when the cable is connected to the modem. Windows Device Manager showed that only the wifi adaptor is active. After trouble shooting for a while, it was apparent that the integrated network card is busted. I had to wipe the dust off the router that has been lying idle and connect to the Internet via wifi.

A phone call to Dell technical support this morning confirmed that the integrated network card is indeed not working. The motherboard has to be replaced as the network card is built-in. This is my second motherboard replacement. The first was four days after I took delivery of the laptop in 2008. The good thing about Dell is the very friendly technical support and warranty that provides next business day onsite repair. It sure beats having to leave the laptop in a service centre for a few days.

Author: Peter Tan

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4 thoughts on “Integrated Network Connector Busted”

  1. How much does a motherboard cost? You can get a new laptop for less than 400USD. If my laptop broke, I would tend to buy a new one. But that’s just me.

    1. I have no idea how much a motherboard costs but the unit is still under warranty. They have approved the replacement motherboard.

  2. Well, at least you don’t have to buy an external network card. You save some money from there. ;D

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