Two Foochow Women and a Load of Goodies

When a Foochow woman travels, she sure does not travel light. Look at the goodies Yan brought for Wuan and me all the way from Sarawak. The fresh whole semah fish and a cut of tapah fish she got from the interiors of Kapit are not in the picture. According to Yan, the semah is sought after and rare nowadays. It is also the next most expensive fish after the empurau. The latter can fetch a price of up to RM1,000 per kilo.

Homemade cookies, kuih cincin, kacang and white rice sticks together with a can of clams.
The goodies from Yan minus the two fresh fishes which are in the freezer.

Yan was in the city during the Thaipusam holiday and had arranged to meet up with Jocelyn and us at Mid Valley Megamall. Among the goodies in the bag were cookies that she baked, and a recipe together with a can of clams to cook the white rice sticks with. Talk about thinking of everything. I believe she lugged an equal amount of goodies, if not more, for Jocelyn as well. I would have to be an octopus to travel with so many things.

Homemade cookies and layer cake by Jocelyn
The cookies from Jocelyn labelled with the most interesting names and the slab of layer cake.

Jocelyn, the other Foochow woman, always come bearing gifts whenever we meet. This time, it was homemade cookies that she had been labouring over for the past weeks and a slab of layer cake. For the layer cake alone, she stood by the oven for three hours, painstakingly baking one layer on top of another. I have been teasing her over Facebook for sharing photos of the cookies. I will remember not to do that again next time.

Meeting with Phyllis Wong and Jocelyn Ting at Little Penang, Mid Valley Megamall
One for the memory at Little Penang, Mid Valley Megamall with Phyllis and Jocelyn.
Image courtesy of Jocelyn.

With cookies from Yan and Jocelyn, Wuan and I do not even have to buy any now. I estimate these cookies will last us at least two months. If I make friends with a few more Foochow women, I will be fed for life. Now, that is an idea. Thank you for the cookies and such, you two! And may the new year bring an abundance of prosperity and joy to your family and you. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Author: Peter Tan

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