Blood Test and KUB Ultrasound for December 2013

The last quarterly review of my kidneys for 2013 was one I was not looking forward to. My serum creatinine for the previous three blood tests for this year showed a marked decrease in kidney function when it went above 300 umol/L. What a relief it was when the creatinine level went down to 316 umol/L from an all time high of 331 umol/L. Although the reduction was not significant, it did not continue to go up at the very least.

My cholesterol level went up as I stopped taking Lipitor for a few. The doctor advised me to start again to bring down the LDL level. I also reduced the dosage of Ketosteril from four capsules to two because I suspect it was causing itching. At the same time, I stopped supplementing with calcium carbonate. The other reason I stopped was because I was overwhelmed with having to take too many pills and capsules. I have since learnt to space the dosage throughout the day.

The annual ultrasound was done on the same day my blood were was on 9 December. There were no extraordinary findings in the ultrasounds of my kidneys and bladder.

US KUB of 09-Dec-2013

Tetraplegia with neurogenic bladder.

Comparison made with previous ultrasound dated 17/12/2012.
Both kidneys are increased in echogenicity.
Right kidney measures 10.4cm in bipolar length.
Left kidney measures 9.0cm in bipolar length. Simple cyst seen at upper pole of left kidney measuring 1.9 x 1.5cm.
No calculi or hydronephrosis.
The bladder wall is trabeculated and not well distended. No stone seen within.

1. Renal parenchymal disease
2. Trabeculated bladder secondary to neurogenic bladder

Generally, the kidneys are holding up for now as the blood tests and ultrasound have shown. I have had to go for quarterly review of my renal function every quarterly since the beginning of this year. If the results for the next review does not differ too much, I may want to request for half-yearly review instead.

Author: Peter Tan

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