During my intensive rehabilitation in the 1980s, I sustained a couple of chronic injuries. Over exertion during my standing and walking exercises resulted in a bad knee and an aching back. The pain in the knee is more pronounced. It has been bothering me constantly for the past 25 years, more so just before rain.

The backache comes on and off. My bad posture, mostly from being on an ill-fitting wheelchair for too long without a break, exacerbates it. There was never a need for treatment. However, this ache that has been nagging me for the past three weeks necessitated the use of medicated plasters every other night just before bed.

It is not the wheelchair this time but an extended period on it. My buttock aches and I tend to sit with a hunch to alleviate the pain. That is the cause. Looks like I need some bed time for every four or five hours on the chair. So many things to do, so little time.