Love Bite From A Stranger

Bruised forearm after having blood drawn from there

No, not really. This is a bruise that developed after I had my blood drawn at the UMMC yesterday. After having an untrasound of my kidneys and bladder and dropping the urine off at another laboratory, I went to have my blood sample taken. It was for renal profile and creatinine clearance. The laboratory technician looked like she was in a hurry and stressed out.

I like to watch when the needle is inserted into my vein. The pain usually felt like a light prick and does not bother me at all. Likewise, this time but the needle went in too deep and there was no blood. She pulled it out a little and blood began to flow into the tube. When she was done and pulled the needle out, I cringed a little more than usual at the pain.

I have had my blood drawn many times and some of these technicians are so good that I hardly felt a thing after that. However, there was one time in Penang when the technician forgot to remove the torniquet before pulling out the needle. A small stream of blood gushed out right after the needle.

Anyway, when I tore away the paper tape and cotton wool after leaving UMMC, there was a relatively large patch of blood on the cotton. The surrounding area where the needle went in had a bruise. It also itched and ached. The bruise is still very apparent as I type this entry.