Ridiculously Expensive Valentine’s Day Gift – No Thank You!

Because I shower Wuan with love and show my appreciation the other 364 days too. Valentine’s Day is over-hyped and over-commercialised to deceive us into parting with our hard-earned money in the name of love. Does an overly expensive bouquet of red roses really prove love and devotion? Not for me, not anymore.

I guess age has a hand in all these. Having been made guilty for not buying a present on this day for many years, I am now more the wiser. Wiser, not miser. I buy Wuan gifts whenever I come across something that I think she will like, not only on Valentine’s Day, but throughout the year.

I just checked the price at an online florist. They charge RM250 for a bouquet of two dozen red roses plus delivery when it would only cost RM120 on other days. The day when I spend twice the amount for something will be the day I need to see a psychiatrist. I can think of many other ways that I can sensibly spend the extra amount on.