Urinary Tract Infection

Early Sunday morning, I woke up shivering. It was not the air conditioner. I knew what it was as I had sort of anticipated it. Chills are the first and unmistakable sign of a urinary tract infection (UTI). It was around 4.00am then. I know for sure because I turned on the television to watch the AXN channel.

I must have caught it during the urodynamics study. It is not an uncommon occurrence after this procedure. No matter how sterile the gears were, somehow somewhere during the process, something was bound to be contaminated and the contaminant introduced into my urinary tract.

In the afternoon, I took two Panadol Actifast tablets and the fever or chills has not recurred since. My urine has been cloudy for the past two mornings though. It clears up as the day progresses. I have been drinking water a lot to flush out whatever that is still inside. I have also been drinking cranberry juice.

I know I should be seeing a doctor for this. UTI in people with kidney disease is no small matter. The infection may just wipe out the little that is left of the renal function that I still have. Tomorrow. I will make it a point to see a doctor if the urine is still cloudy tomorrow. For now, all I want to do is to lie down and go back to sleep.