When My Time Comes

Reallybites wrote an eulogy for her friend who passed away recently. Eulogies are beautifully written sad stories that remembers the memorable times of a person’s life. What I could relate to was that her friend, although having to undergo dialysis, continued doing what he loved best – photography. I love photography. I am living with chronic kidney failure. One day in the future, I may just have to undergo dialysis when my kidneys give up on me.

That final moment when I breathe my last and go meet my Maker does not scare me much. What I fear most is the process that leads to that final moment. Am I able to live my life to the fullest in spite of the 3-day per week routine of 4-hour sessions of boring renal dialysis? Will I continue to freeze moments in time with my camera? Will I be able to muster the spirits to never give up? I am not sure I can be that strong.

When that day comes, I will look back at ReallyBites’ story to inspire me to fight to the last, to never give up. I cannot forsee or change whatever that is forthcoming. What I can do now is to build up my courage for that day and pray that I do not falter. All that I can do now is to live day at a time and hope for the best.