Blood Test for September 2013

Although the gradual increase of my serum creatinine was expected, seeing it hit an all time high of 331 umol/L left me shell shocked for a moment as the nephrologist reviewed the results with me. It was quite a significant jump from 304 umol/L in June. The rate at which it increased with each quarterly test is worrisome. Dialysis was not necessary at that level but the doctors wanted me to be prepared and has encouraged me to go for an orientation to get familiarised with the procedures.

The test for parathyroid hormone, which blood as not extracted for the test before this, was above the normal range. Among the many causes of hyperparathyroidism is chronic kidney disease. Because of that and due to hypocalceamia, calcium carbonate was added to my usual prescription. At the direction my health is going, I shudder at the thought of my next blood test results and what other extra treatments I may require.

Renal and liver  function tests and lipid profile for September 2013
Renal and liver function test and lipid profile for September 2013.