Bridal Photo Albums

Bridal photo of Wuan and Peter

Wuan and I collected the two albums for our bridal photo shoot some time last month. We were impressed by the images in the sample albums that were displayed by De Paris Image at the wedding fair at Mid Valley Megamall. We had gone there for our dinner after having our marriage solemnised at Registrar of Marriage at Thean Hou Temple earlier in the day.

When we placed the deposit for the shoot, we had specifically indicated that we wanted natural skin tone with very little retouching of the images and plain background. Never mind that our complexion were not flawless. We wanted to look natural. The package came with one large album and one smaller album of twenty images each and three framed images.

When we were called back to view and select the images after the 12-hour photo shoot, we were rather delighted with the results. The skin tone was nice. We threw out most of the images that did not have plain background. At the end, we settled for an extra five images that cost us RM600 more. We liked the photos and it was not something that we would be doing often.

Imagine our disappointment when we went to collect the albums and discovered that some of the images were extensively touched up. We did not look natural. The skin tone was not natural. I looked like I had too much powder on my face. Looking at the images of myself reminded me of the touched up portrait of my father when he was young. In those days, if one wanted colour portraits, the studio would take a black and white photo and coloured it.

I will not recommend De Paris Image to couples shopping for a bridal studio for their photo shoot. Shop around more. I am sure there are studios that understand what minimum retouching is or ensure that the touched up images look natural. Make sure all the charges are stipulated up front. Some devious studios will not tell you that make-up, hairdo, fake eye lashes and the ampoules for make-up are not included in the package. Brides should bring their own free bra which can be bought from other places for a fraction of what the studios charge. The bridal photo shoot may be a once in a lifetime event for most couples but that should not be an excuse to allow these unscrupulous studios to take us for a ride.