Blood Test Results For June 2012

Blood test results
Comparative renal function test, liver function test and lipid profile results.

Serum creatinine went up slightly but still within range. Urea level spiked from 7.5 mmol/L in February to 9.3 mmol/L. It must be the fried anchovies that I have been indulging on a little too much of late. Need to cut down on that together with spinach and oatmeal. Otherwise, the doctor was not too concerned with the results and scheduled me for the next check up in six months instead of the usual quarterly. The consultation at the uropathy clinic in March also did not see the urgency for me to get a urodynamic test done as the blood tests have shown that the condition of my kidneys have somewhat stabilised at current levels. All is well, for now, and this gives me some leeway to enjoy some durians and hawker food when I am in Penang later this week.