Language of Roses

The following piece was written in 2002 just before I started blogging. It was hosted at Geocities for the website that I created and dedicated to Wuan. It has since been taken down when I began to blog. Seeing that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought it would be timely to republish it here.

I am not encouraging the tradition of giving roses on Valentine’s Day as it has been over-commercialised. The price of roses on this specific day is simply too exhorbitant. A basic bouquet of twelve rose that usually sells for around RM80 is now being tagged at RM180. I know many ways I can use that amount of money to pamper Wuan with.

Roses speak the tacit language of love. Where elucidation fails, roses prevail. A solitary stalk speaks volume of our innermost desires. Many a heart had been set fluttering by the gift of a red rose.

The beauty of a rose is in its simplicity, yet it is the ultimate symbol of perfection for those in love. Its velvety petals and heady fragrance is a sure recipe to invoke an atmosphere that inflames passion.

The Language of Roses converses in colours. Each colour has its own significance. Red conveys deep love while yellow celebrates the joys of friendship. Be sure to impart the correct message by sending roses of the right shades.

Red rose
Red rose signifies love and passion.

Deep-red rose
Deep red signifies unconscious beauty.

Dark-pink rose
Dark pink rose signifies gratitude.

Pink rose
Light pink rose signifies gladness.

Yellow rose
Yellow rose signifies joy and friendhsip.

White rose
White rose signifies purity and innocence.

Peach rose
Peach rose signifies desire and enthusiasm.

Lavender rose
Lavender rose signifies love at first sight.