Simple Dried Prawns Rice Porridge Recipe

Hot days call for light meals. My favourite for this spell of punishing weather is rice porridge with dried prawns. It is relatively easy to cook and easy on the stomach too. I like my porridge thick. For a more diluted porridge, add another cup of water.

Simple Dried Prawns Porridge

Dried prawns and rice
Dried prawns (heh bee) and rice.

1/2 cup dried prawns (remove shell)
1 cup rice

4 cups water

1 tsp sesame seed oil per serving
white pepper powder (to taste)
light soya sauce (to taste)

Wash dried shrimps and rice throughly. Put both ingredients into automatic rice cooker and add water. Turn off the cooker when the porridge begins to bubble over. Allow the porridge to simmer in the cooker for another ten minutes. Add, sesame oil, pepper and light soya sauce to taste. The porridge is sufficient for two persons.

Dried prawns rice porridge
Dried prawns rice porridge (heh bee moi).