Dietary Plan

My dietary plan.

Before meeting Jinny at the appointed time yesterday, I went to see the dietician again. Miss Saw, the dietician at the Lam Wah Ee Hospital, explained to me in detail what my 5 daily meals should be like. My ration of three exchanges of protein for the day could be something like one portion for breakfast, one for lunch and one for breakfast or one and one half for lunch and dinner respectively. Meat protein is preferred over soy-based products as it is easier for the body to absorb. It may be difficult initially but I think I can manage eventually. It is just a matter of getting used to and adapting my daily routine around it.

I also decided to collect the Detrusitol SR since I was at the hospital. Mr. Wong, the pharmacist, had already packed them for me and I need not wait in queue to pay. It was all a breeze. The extreme side effects that I experienced could be due to many other factors and that day could be an exception. I have not felt that lousy since. My medication is getting more expensive – RM249 per month. Hopefully, the condition of my kidneys will stabilise at the current levels. It is going to be a drain on my finances should I need even more expensive drugs.

Creatinine Alert

Detrusitol SR 4mg

There was a change in his demeanour from the usual. I thought he was perhaps thinking about his other patients’ problems.

“Have you been taking your Detrusitol?”

I mumbled a soft “Yes.”

“How often do you catheterise?”

“Every four hours.”

“Do you have any problems?”

I told him about the fever prior to the bloggers meet in KL.

“When you have a fever next time, come in for a culture. One day of infection is enough to wipe out your kidneys.”

I could only nod. I had a feeling that what he was to say next would not be good. He went on to say that my creatinine had shot up to 262 umol/l from the 180s. The normal threshold is around 100 umol/l. I was on the way to acute renal failure and he was really not happy with the figures. My kidneys, however, were not swollen, which meant that the intermittent catheterisation and Detrusitol are effective. I have to see the dietician again for my diet to be evaluated and revised. My protein intake of two servings per meal has to be reduced to one and one half. That is like cutting down to 75% from the two matchbox-sized portion of meat that I am allowed now.

“If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to go back to see what Dr. Liong can do for you further,” the dietician said.

This calls for another drastic change in lifestyle and dietary intake patterns. The dietician has also advised me to keep a diet log to track accurately what I have eaten. My medication was also changed. I am now to take one dose of 4mg Detrusitol SR just before bed. A one-month supply costs RM249 and it is supposed to be for the long-term. Detrusitol is prescribed for overactive bladder which may result in a reflux of urine back into the kidneys. I am still digesting this sudden assail of bad news. Hopefully the next review, which has been changed to quarterly from half yearly, will show better results.