Farewell Mr. Cheng

Cheng Sak Hai in RapidKL bus at Petaling Street

A friend died today. I do not know him that well. He was a friend nonetheless. News of a friend’s demise is always disheartening. A fellow Penangite. An accomplished writer. An entrepreneur. He was one of the very first disabled person I heard so much about long before I became a disabled person myself. It was only 20 years after I became a wheelchair user that I got to know him in person. Rest in peace Cheng Sak Hai.

RIP Milo

Our cute kitten Milo

Wuan found Milo lying by the road outside the house this morning. She was bleeding from the mouth and lifeless. Milo was the only female in the litter, and also the naughtiest. Despite knowing that she was not allowed into the house, she would sneak in at every available opportunity and hid under the sofa. It was only last night that I held her for the first time on my lap and patted her. I could hear her purring away. The one thing that she liked to do was to jump onto my wheelchair’s under-seat cargo net and hitch a ride into the house. Smart ball of fur that one. We shall miss her dearly. Rest in peace dear Milo.