Remembering Patches

In memory of Patches the kitten
Patches the kitten on my lap.

There are people and pets that stay in my memory long after they are no longer here. They occupy a special place in the deepest recesses of my mind because they have enriched my life in more ways than one. Patches was one such character. Although he has left us for more than two years already, we still think fondly of him. He was such a lovely kitten and an adorable companion.

An idle mind may not necessarily be the devil’s workshop. The relaxing breather from using my grey matter today has allowed me to reminisce about the time that I had with Patches. These recollections of him brought back some bitter sweet memories, more sweet than bitter. We were truly blessed with the opportunity to be part of his brief life and all the unconditional love that he showered on us. Rest in peace, Patches. You are gone but not forgotten.

Farewell Mary Travers (1936 – 2009)

One of the first few songs that I learnt when I started playing the guitar was “Blowing In The Wind” and “500 Miles.” Those were the songs that, although haunting and sad in some ways, sounded very nice with just a guitar and vocals. Those were the songs that I could sing and play from memory. That was back in the early 1980s.

It is with great sadness that I read in the news and other blogs today that Mary Travers of the Peter, Paul and Mary trio has passed away. She was 72. Little did I realise until this moment that many of the songs that I liked to play on the guitar were the trio’s songs – Leaving On A Jet Plane, Where Have The Flowers Gone and House Of The Rising Sun.

I must say that it was the songs of Peter, Paul and Mary that made playing the guitar and singing such a joy for me when I was a teenager. Those were the songs that I sang at campfires, when I was alone, when I was sad and when I was happy. Thank you for the memories. RIP Mary. Your songs shall live on.