Samsung Galaxy S II

This Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is my belated birthday present from Wuan. I have been looking for a replacement for the Nokia 2600 Classic that I have been using for the past three years. The initial budget was RM1,000 but there was none that I liked within that range.

After much consideration, I decided to go for the top-of-the-range and settled on the Samsung Galaxy S II running the Android OS. We got it at the IT Fair at Mid Valley last week. Since I am already a Digi user, I switched to the DG Smart Plan 48 with a 12-month contract to get the phone at a discounted price of RM1,699. RRP is RM2,099. The plan comes with a monthly data bandwidth quota of 1GB.

Samsung Galaxy S IIBelated birthday present from Wuan – Samsung Galaxy S II.

Knowing that I have a tendency to drop my mobile phones, I got a Case-Mate Tough for better protection at the same fair as well. The case consists of a silicone cover that fits snugly to the phone and an ABS hard plastic shell. I am glad I got it as I dropped the phone on the third day. Fearing the worst, I picked it up to discover that there was no damage whatsoever. The RM90 price was worth every cent I forked out for it.

I am still learning to use the many functions of the phone. Just yesterday morning, I did not even know how to answer when Wuan called. I had to read the manual for instructions. What I like about smartphones is that I can access my emails and search for information while I am on-the-go. This device is going to be especially useful now that I am dealing with customised wheelchairs and accessories as a sideline. Thank you, Wuan, for a wonderful birthday gift.