The rain has stopped. The leaves on the frangipani tree outside are swaying in the gentle breeze. The evening sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, replacing gloom that came with the shower just now. The ground is drying up. This is the perfect weather for running. I wish I could put on my running shoes. It would be great to do a few slow laps around the neighbourhood, pump up the heart and work out a sweat.

I especially like the freshness after a rainstorm on a humid afternoon. The cool air is sure to rejuvenate my weary mind. Leaves appear greener, the sky bluer and everything else clearer. It is like the beginning of the day all over again; like God pressing the “Reset” button to make everything nice and proper again. I could do with some resetting for the numerous yet unresolved issues my in life. Dear God, are You listening?