One Hundredth Day

Gently rest beloved Mother
And listen to the angels sing
They came and took you hither
Where you?ll be eternally rejoicing.

One hundred days have passed. My tears may have stopped flowing but the beautiful memories of you shall live on. How can I forget such a wonderful person like you? You had touched my life in more ways than one. You were a mother, a confidant, a friend and more. You are the epitome of motherhood. You had coloured my life with the hues of altruistic love and compassion. I shall miss you dearly. Gently Rest Beloved Mother.

2 thoughts on “One Hundredth Day”

  1. i’m truly moved…ur entry just reminded me of my granma…something to share with u:

    it’s never easy to lose someone dear to us
    but remember…
    they’re at a better place…
    wishing us peace & inner strength

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