Bye Bye Turtle

February 16th, 2004 - Monday

1999 – 2004

Do turtles go to heaven? I hope so. I envision a paradise where the river meanders lazily between tree-fringed banks. The water is cool and crystal clear; the bottom sandy and voluminous, perfect for turtles to burrow into. Shrimps and little fishes are aplenty. That is turtle heaven indeed.

I pray that is where my pet soft-shelled turtle has gone to. I could not provide him with a proper home, let alone one that was as close to his natural habitat as possible. Still, he made do with what was provided and thrived, until now.

He did not even have a name. I will always remember him as Turtle. I really wish turtles go to heaven. Then he can keep Mum company there. She had single-handedly reared him to maturity from the time when we first got him. He was as large as a fifty sen coin only then.

Farewell Turtle my friend. May you rest in peace.

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21 Responses to “Bye Bye Turtle”

  1. Najah says:

    Dear Peter,

    Sorry to hear about Turtle. May he be at a happier place…


  2. petertan says:

    I truly hope so too.

  3. lucia says:

    why not? if you believe that he’ll be in heaven, then he’ll be in heaven. RIP to your turtle, peter.

  4. petertan says:

    Turtles in heaven, together with goldfishes, cats, dogs, and all kinds of animals… that would be nice.

  5. fel says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your beloved pet and friend. At least he isn’t suffering any more.

  6. petertan says:

    I am glad he is suffering no more. It pained me greatly to see him lifeless and bleeding, wanting to do something but could not.

  7. prema says:

    What happened to your pet turtle?
    I’ve lost 2 dogs to the great unknown, and one to certain death.. I sometimes think they’re still around in some form or another. My general philosophy is that all living things are.

  8. petertan says:

    One day he was eating, and the next he was not responding to all stimuli. Much later, he was discharging blood from his nose and mouth. I miss Turtle. This is all very sudden and depressing. But like most of you said, he is in a better place now. I should be happy for him.

  9. natasha says:

    he is in turtle heaven where he hurts no more and there are small little turtle beaches where they can bake in the sun and have kangkong fruit punches :D

    no cute turtle like that would end up in a bad place.


  10. petertan says:

    Awww… that is such a nice thing to say about Turtle. He does have cute eyes, doesn’t he? Turtle is a carnivore, never eaten kangkung or any other greens in his life before. Kangkung fruit punches? You are so creative! Decorated with a little colourful toothpick umbrella and a slice of lemon too?

  11. danlai says:

    i hope yur tuetle restin peaces and find salvation

  12. petertan says:

    Thanks Danlai.

  13. meesh says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry! This must be awful for you. I remember when two of mine died (Protus and Octopus) and we buried them next to this stream near my house. They’re hardy animal, turtles. But like Natasha says, hopefully Turtle will be up there with Mum and having a whale of a time :)

    Feel better soon.


  14. cindy says:

    aiyoh… da face so cute lar.. Turtle don’t look turtlish

    im sure he’s in heaven somewhere… playing with his mates

  15. petertan says:

    Mum was fond of Turtle and vice versa. If they do meet up there, I am sure they will both be very happy.

    He was more than adorable; he was a bundle of fun to watch too. What do turtles become when they go to heaven?

  16. cindy says:

    mebbe they remain as turtles… mebbe my fren is talking to Turtle now… prolly he’s saying how cute Turtle looks… mebbe they’ll be good frens… im gonna cry :(

  17. petertan says:

    Heaven is a nice place to be in. Why should you cry for him?

  18. coolgal says:

    It’s good to hear that he is no longer suffering… I’ve never seen a soft-shelled turtle before but Turtle certainly looked good. I hope there’s a turtle heaven, too…

  19. petertan says:

    A heaven not only for turtles but all the nice pets tht had enriched our lives and taught us a thing or two about friendship and more. They deserve to be there as much as all the good people.

  20. Passion says:

    Dear Peter
    My wife cook turtle soup for dinner it is deliciou,so all turtle are edible,,hehee

  21. petertan says:

    I hope you enjoyed your turtle soup. You should also see how they slaughter the turtle before making the soup.