Meaty Meals Mania

Tau Eu Bak – Braised Pork with Hardboiled Eggs

A healthy appetite is a good thing for me. What is not good is that the healthy appetite is being fuelled by an unhealthy diet. Meat, namely pork, has been the main feature in my meals lately. I do not usually fancy pork. This sudden craving for meat is surprising. Yesterday was wantan with choy sum soup. The wantans tasted better than they looked. I am not resisting it much because this is no doubt a change from the usual bland tasting meals I have been eating.

Huangshan Mao Feng Green Tea

Today’s lunch was braised pork with hardboiled egg (tau eu bak) and stir-fried kangkung. There are several versions of the tau eu bak. I settled on this recipe by Amy Beh archived at The Star Online ? Kuali. It was tasty and one of the better tasting tau eu baks I have eaten in a long time. The belly pork was rather fat and made the gravy greasy. I drank some green tea afterwards with the hope of washing away some of those artery-clogging lard. Whether that works or not, my next blood test will tell. I really must cut down on red meat.

Author: Peter Tan

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8 thoughts on “Meaty Meals Mania”

  1. peter, your blog is beginning to become a food blog! 🙂

    normally i don’t like pork but if it is pork cooked ala tau eu bak, i love it! the version my mum made is, apart from hardboiled egg, has mushroom (which i don’t take), taukua and potatoes (which i love).

    yeah they say green tea is good for cleansing of oily stuff after a meal. or one can always take the lecithin e vitamin pill.

  2. Lucia,
    Tau eu bak once in a long while is all right. This was an impromptu first attempt. If I had planned to cook, I would have bought taukua also.

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