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The convenience of the modern day technology has irreversibly enslaved me. No doubt these things have made my life easier; it has come to a point where to live without them is unthinkable. The mobile phone I am using is acting up intermittently which got me tearing my hair out looking for a solution. The phone?s reception bar showed a full signal. Sometimes I can dial out, sometimes I cannot. Likewise for incoming calls.

Switching the SIM card to my old Siemens C35 phone yielded the same problem. At least I know that the new phone is not at fault. Celcom’s customer service, although polite, offered no immediate pacification. I was told that my complaint will be looked into and hopefully resolved within three days. In the meantime, I have to restrain my compulsion to chat with Wuan over the phone, which we do many times per day. This had left me restless for most part of the afternoon and evening.

That is a photo of my phones. The Siemens’ battery cover is broken. It is being held together by a rubber band. This is almost like my broken camera battery cover which is being held shut by my tripod’s quick release plate. I tend to drop things a lot because of my weak grip. A lot of the things that I use are extra large in size so that I can hold them properly but mobile phone nowadays are getting smaller and smaller. Using one can be a problem at times. It is ludicrous that such a small piece of technology can affect me that much – pathetic but true.

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

10 thoughts on “PT Phone Home”

  1. Marita,
    Thank you for the offer. I am using my rubber banded Siemens for the moment. Sadly, it is the 2-month old Nokia’s problem. I am sending it back for repairs.

  2. Hi Peter
    Yes what would we do with out them,my contract will use to be so high once upon a time.But now i hardly use it,although i was looking a new ones last week but was told hold of til xmas,,better deals coming so decided to buy another one for the younger children “only for when they’re visting friends makes it easier if they’re shopping to find them ,,Well actually when i catch u online next i’ll show the 3 i was checking out n you can tell me what u think is best lah :),,,
    I do hope you phone gets sorted out soon cheerz n tcz

  3. peter, siemens phone are better than nokia lah. at least in my personal opinion. my first phone was siemens C25 and currently i’m using siemens S45. very good phone. never give me problems.

    i never like nokia… simply because too many people had been using it… too common. we (siemens fan) always laugh that nokia is the phone for the ‘lang cheh’ ah pek and the market fish seller (as almost everybody has it) while siemens (and a few others) are exclusive… you won’t find the common lowest income people using it.

    please… i’m not generalising nor am i ‘looking down’ on lang cheh ah pek and market fish sellers… just giving my opinion and making a point.

  4. Sweetspirit,
    Apparently, it was not a problem with my phone but a network problems. Everything is back to normal now.

    I am not brand conscious. What is important to me is the price, after sales support and availability of spare parts. Does not matter one bit if beggars use it. After all, I use the phone to make and receive calls only. I am not looking to make a fashion statement with it.

  5. peter, there you go again… thinking i think you are brand conscious (i remember the shoes post). i didn’t. can’t you accept what i said just in face value? it’s also kind of like a joke… the thing about nokia everyone use even beggar (but you said it the word beggar not me)
    and i know you, like me, are not out to make a fashion statement. please lah… don’t be soo defensive. actually come to think of it, nokia is more for fashion statement than siemens. oops sorry. no more about this… if not dunno what else you would come up in defence.

    sorry, i will keep my big mouth shut on this type of issue next time.

  6. hey, my old siemens was also held on with a rubber band after a year or so of usage. mmm, i wonder if it’s a phase every siemens phone goes thru… heheh.
    anyway, i believe nokia phone’s sms function is the most user friendly these days. but i still prefer siemens, even thought i’m using a motorola now, cause it’s cheap and it doesn’t have color screen, ;P

  7. Terry,
    The C35’s battery cover was badly designed. It looks so kesian with the rubber band huh. I have never used a Motorola before but the one time that I tried its menu, I did not like it.

  8. peter,
    ya, kesian looking at it. mine was no different.
    anyway, yeah, motorola’s menu ain’t friendly.
    compare motorola and siemens, i still prefer siemens.

  9. Terry,
    I agree that Siemens cellphones have good navigation only to be plagued by poor casing design and occasional software/hardware problems. At least that was what happened to my C35 which caused me to switch over to Nokia.

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