Bloggers Meet Update

Venue: Starbucks, New Wing, One Utama
Date: January 16, 2005
Time: 11:00am

Thanks to Mystic for pointing out that there are two Starbucks at One Utama.

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

42 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet Update”

  1. 🙂 confusing that place, two Starbucks and two MPHS hehe wonder what other outlets are there. But frankly it so large that you’d be glad you can find two of each at opposing ends. Enjoy yourselves, wish I was there 😀

  2. Being a fan of Starbucks I like to go to the one at the New Wing. Its nicer.

    Kervin,there’s only one MPH at the new wing now. They closed the one at the old wing and moved everything to the new wing recently. 🙂

  3. Kervin,
    I am sure we will. Making new friends is always a joy.

    You sure know the length and breath of One Utama. Lepak there often huh?

  4. Peter,

    Hehhe…u bet. 1-Utama is my second home. I live nearby so….that’s the place to go for coffee, read, eat & shop…:) How do I recognise you guys? Any contacts???

  5. Dave,
    Coming with your guitar to entertain us too?

    Do try.

    I am the guy on a wheelchair with a pony tail. Will not be difficult to spot.

  6. Ayoh so outdated been stuck in Sabah too long until MPH close also don’t know 😀 Hehe well gonna pay a long overdue visit there soon, thanks for the notice.

  7. pete: i won’t bring my guitar. shy. 😉 hmm…would have to go for mass on saturday la then. would do my best to make it. so, what’s on the agenda for this meeting ah?

  8. Peter, okay, will try to get there if I have nothing on since it gives me yet another reason to go shopping…hehehe Its on Sunday right?

    Kervin, oh okie its about time you go for that overdue visit…heheh

  9. Dj,
    Try two alarm clocks?

    No fixed agenda. Let’s play it by ear. And now that reminds me that I have missed last week’s Mass. Is there any church near Pandan Perdana?

    Any excuse just to go shopping huh? See you Sunday.

  10. Peter,

    There’s a catholic church in Cheras–shame on me to forget the name…hehe But I go to Saint Francis Xavier at Jalan Gasing. On shopping, yes, any excuse…hahha…needed to get some stuff for my new condo anyways….:)

  11. Mystic,
    I have heard so much about SFX. I must see for myself and get the SFX experience one of these days. What are the times for the English Mass for Saturdays and Sundays?

    Moving into a new place is always nice if not for the carrying and arranging that needs to be done to make it homey. Have fun.

  12. Peter,
    I like SFX. Have been going there for a long time already. The mass times are as follows:

    Sat-615am & 630pm
    Sun- 645am,845am,1130am & 530pm.

    You bet, I am enjoying the experience of doing up my place. Moved in on Christmas Day!

  13. walaueh so many ppl i damn shy la maybe i will ffk u lol.. hide behind a pillar anden if not many ppl come oni i will say…


    (anden run away :D!)

  14. Mystic,
    Thanks for the Mass schedule.

    See those hair can make you outrun my wheelchair or not.

  15. ala.. u never pasang gear like i rekomened u to…! cannot outrun one la…! 😉

  16. Hairy,
    No need to waste time changing gears. Just tekan all the way. Faster liddat kan?

  17. noneed sked lor.. kalau got gear liao and damn power punya enjin.. buden if u want me to push oso can… not like i din offer b4! XD!

    (wei i jk oni k pls dun get offended :P)

  18. Hairy,
    I am not offended but I am going to take you up on the offer to push me. You better chiak pa pa before you go. If not bo lat to push.

  19. hahaha – hairy/peter 🙂 that’s a blog post in itself in your comments. now i’m really curious who is hairy knee – dude get a blog.

  20. hey so are you 🙂 you’re so polite n nice in your comments, it’s like a change to see you talk in slang -heh. but hey, see you tomorrow!

  21. i know who is hairy but of course i shan’t tell… excpet that hairy is already a blogger.

    peter, you must remember to take lots of photos of the bloggers you meet, post them up and name each of them! and if possible sunday night itself!

  22. Peter,

    Hope you had a great time at One Utama this morning. Sorry I couldn’t make it.

    Yesterday’s trip to the hospital with my elderly mum for an MRI threw the weekend’s schedule as well as next week’s completely out of whack.

  23. another cancellation last minute 🙁 i’m still stuck at home. the ride i thought i would get didnt come through, and now i’m looking for cab #s, but i dont know if i’m going to get there *sigh*
    hope you’re having a good time though!

  24. Prema,
    There is always a next time. Yes, we did have a good time. Yes, Hairy Knee was there too with her quirky lingo.

    The photos will be put up when I get back to Penang. It is such a hassle resizing and uploading them here.

    I hope it was nothing serious with your mum. I will pray for her.

    To ask you to show us your knees would be asking you to remove your jeans in public. How can like that? You do not look that hairy anyway or perhaps you are just hirsute on those two spots?

  25. Peter,

    Many thanks for the kind thoughts.

    Strictly speaking, it’s nothing life-threatening.
    Just the usual back ailments that come with age. How the lady managed to break a rib and fracture a few of her spinal bones, is a complete mystery to us all. She can’t even recall having fallen in the last 12 monbths. I suppose that’s how brittle bones get from osteo, and how quickly memory flees from age.

    But it’s nothing that a skilled osteo surgeon with super-stable hands and a sharp-eyed, sharp-minded radiographer together, can’t fix with a needle and cement. That’s the relatively easy part.

    The hard part is to limit her activities and to ensure she is more ‘sedate’ in her movements from now on… no more gallivanting helter-skelter.

    Now, how do you ‘ground’ a feisty 70-year old who still thrives on bossing others around and ordering their lives? How to tell a parent she is no longer in charge but has to be taken care of like a child?

    Short of strait-jacketing her?

    *LOL* my siblings and I have some very interesting days ahead of us, indeed. Your prayers will certainly be most appreciated!!

  26. come, come, peter! quick, quick! update us with the meet. i’m dying to know who turned up (also to see their faces) and how it went. with hairy around, i bet it went very well.

  27. Arusa,
    After seeing the pain my mother went through before her laminectomy and the extreme pain when that part of her spine collapsed after having taken too much steroid that was prescribed for her leukemia, I am all for post-menopausal women going for regular check-ups to determine the risks of getting osteoporosis and take remedial actions irrespective of whether they feel or look healthy or not. I pray that your mum will recover fast. I am always very concerned with broken bones in the aged because it takes a long time to heal. Keeping them too sedentary while they are recuperating is another concern as muscles tend to atrophy faster too. Hope I am not scaring you. Take good care of your mum. She deserves all the love you can shower on her.

  28. Thanks, Peter, for your caution on being too sedentary.

    Her gallivanting has been reduced to a twice-daily, 30-minute, lady-like amble outdoors, very much to her disgust.

  29. Arusa,
    I can understand her emotions perfectly. When one has been moving around doing work every day and suddenly has to stop doing all those, it is like losing something very vital. I guess she just has to bear with it until all the fractures are totally healed.

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