With Bryan At Plan B Mid Valley Megamall

Bryan was in town last Thursday to cover a product launch. This busy man is difficult to get hold of even when he is in Penang. After concluding my second day of the Disability Equality Training workshop at University of Malaya, Wuan and I dropped in at Mid Valley Megamall to have dinner with him.

Wuan, Peter Tan and Bryan Soh at Mid Valley Megamall South Court.

Bryan is one of the five bloggers who had shaved his head in support of the Hair for Hospice charity drive. It is always good to catch up with friends whom I have not met in a while. And Bryan always have some interesting stories to share. We had a great time chatting. This must be the season where my baldy friends all converge in the Klang Valley. Wuan and I had met up with Devyne just the day before.

With Devyne And Friends At Chili’s 1 Utama

Devyne and I got acquainted through our blogs a long time ago. When I initiated the Hair for Hospice campaign to raise fund for the Penang Hospice-At-Home Programme, she pledged to shave her head which she did when the target of RM5,000 was met. I am most grateful for her support. The last time we met was when I was in Kota Kinabalu with Wuan in 2007. It has been that long.

We used to be active bloggers
L-R: Dale, Jocelyn, Devyne, yours truly, Desmo and Irene.

She was in town last week and we had a small gathering with a few other friends at Chili’s 1 Utama. All of us are or were bloggers. Desmo was there with his girlfriend Juliet whom we all met for the first time that evening. Journalist turned educator Irene was there with her infectious laughters.

Old friends: Peter Tan and Devyne Koh.

Jocelyn was there with a goody bag of Garrett popcorn and two bars of Hershey’s waiting for me. I must have been a good boy to get a Christmas present so early. And I forgot to return to Devyne the stainless steel bowl that held the khew nyuk her mum made for me to take back to Kuala Lumpur when I was in Kota Kinabalu. Dale whom I have not met since my wedding banquet in Penang popped in a while later.

Grampa and his aunty: Peter Tan and Jocelyn Ling.

I could not join them for after-dinner drinks as I had to get up early the next day but I had a great time catching up with them though. Thanks Dee, for herding us together for this gathering. It would not have happened without you. Come back again soon!

Wheelman and stickman: Peter Tan and Desmo.

The clansmen: Peter Tan and Dale Tan.

Peter & Wuan’s Wedding Banquet – First Photo

Peter & Wuan's Wedding Banquet at Starview Restaurant
Group shot with bloggers after the wedding banquet outside Starview Restaurant.
(Top L-R) Suanie, Shirley, Horng, Selina, Angeline, Cheng Leong and Dale.
(Bottom L-R) Erna, Wuan, Peter Tan, Bryan and Angeline.

This is one of the few photos taken with the Nikon D60. Our “dear cousin” Harcharan took this after the banquet outside Starview Restaurant. I really like this shot, especially seeing the happy faces of my fellow bloggers. Thank you gals and guys for making our banquet so much more memorable. The rest of the photos will be put up as soon as I get them from the photographer.