Fire, Again!

When I got back from my church zone’s BEC (Basic Ecclesial Community) Reflection just now, my neighbour informed me that a fire broke out at 31C-2-6. It was some time around 8.30pm. Two fire engines came but they could not enter the premises because of all the obstructions at the entrance and along the driveway. Block C is farthest away from the entrance. The firemen had to walk all the way in, approximately a distance of 100m. Fortunately, it was only a minor fire. Had it been a major one, many precious minutes would have been lost moving personnel and equipment to the scene by foot.

The developer of the apartments here is Nai Seng Sdn. Bhd. It is a company managed by Lip Sin Sdn. Bhd. I have written three letters to them asking for an evacuation plan to be drawn up and complaining about the obstruction along the driveway that impedes the free access of emergency vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances. They have not responded to any of them. Now this has happened again. I am so angry and at the same time extremely disappointed at their inaction. This lack of concern for safety will surely cause lives to be lost sooner or later if nothing is done to rectify the situation soon. I shudder to think of the consequences should a disaster occur here. Truthfully, I do not feel safe living here but what can I do? I have no where else to go.

The letters to Nai Seng Sdn. Bhd. (pdf format):
Dated 10th August 2004
Dated 9th December 2004
Dated 30th March 2005

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Author: Peter Tan

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5 thoughts on “Fire, Again!”

  1. Peter, what about informing the press? Would that be a solution? It seems that there is no movement neither after your letters, conversations, nor via the different blogs. Shall we move the canons into a different location?

  2. Yes, certainly the press.

    But first…seems to me, you have skipped (?), missed (?), neglected (?) the obvious – the influential. You know a couple of them.

    For instance, Screenshots – the icon of Malaysian blogosphere.

    I have been wondering why.

    p/s: please excuse my forthrightness.

  3. I feel so helpless just reading about it, what more for you who is directly affected! I totally agree with Andreas and Percolator. Surely there are bloggers out there who are members of the press. This kind of thing ought to be published in the newspaper to get everyone’s attention. Then maybe the person/s who is/are responsible will be ‘cornered’ to take action.

  4. well, mack had (and is still) bringing this issue up, and ‘promoting’ its cause. he’s as good as jeff ooi, only he’s not the most influential blogger. ok maybe mack can request jeff to made a mention of this issue in his blog?

  5. Andreas,
    I am exploring that option. At the moment, I have not exhausted what I have planned to do yet.

    Perhaps Jeff have other more pressing matters to attend to.

    In time, the press will be roped in. For the moment, I have several other options to consider.

    As I have told percolator and the rest, I have some options which I am exploring. Let me work on that first.

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