Happy 2nd Anniversary PPS!

June 23rd, 2005 - Thursday

Image from Project Petaling Street.

It has been a good two years. Thank you to the core group who hatched the idea of creating an aggregator so that Malaysians have a platform to showcase their blogs. Special thanks go to Aizuddin Danian for his selfless work in maintaning PPS and now in organising a party that will be remembered in Malaysian blogosphere for a long time to come.

The success of PPS is also through the effort of bloggers who ping PPS. We are indeed a motley band of people with diverse interests but are coming together because of our one passion – blogging. In many ways, we have contributed to a better society by helping each other out whenever there is a need. Lets continue doing that in a responsible and constructive manner.

HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY PPS. May there be many more.

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8 Responses to “Happy 2nd Anniversary PPS!”

  1. thquah says:

    Thanks En.Aizuddin. I salute you for bringing PPS to us bloggers.

  2. Life Feel says:

    Bloggers are uniting.
    that is a very good sign.
    PPS is still young and there is a lot of space for improvement.

    Happy Birthday PPS

    a blog reader
    -Life Feel

  3. alex b says:

    Nice read. Keep it going. Spiderfriend333

  4. prema says:

    it was so great to finally meet you..i really wanted to talk more but was torn between needing to leave and just being overwhelmed to meet you and Wuan :) I hope we see you in KL again soon..! And _then_ we’ll do coffee.

  5. prema says:

    ooh btw – i still wonder whether it’s my brother’s blog you’re reading – his URL is…

  6. Reta says:

    hey peter! Sorry couldn’t chatted long..only managed to muster a small hi =/

    hopefully we’ll meet again =)

  7. Peter says:

    Aiz deserves all the credit that you and I found each other’s blog.

    Life Feel, :D

    alex b,

    It was great meeting you after communicating so much with each other here. Yes, I would like to spend more time chatting with you the next time we meet. Looking forward to that. Yes, I do read your brother’s blog occasionally.

    Surely we will meet again. This is a small world after all. :D